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LogicMonitor includes support for monitoring technologies from Cisco. We include LogicModules out-of-the-box that monitor critical Cisco performance metrics to build out dashboards that show the data critical to your IT Operations.

Available LogicModules

Monitors Cisco Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module

  • Memory Pool Usage (free/used)

Monitors Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

  • Cluster status
  • CTI Device registration status
  • Gateway Registration status
  • Media Device status
  • Number of registered phones
  • Number of registered gateways
  • CPU process time
  • Process memory
  • Process state

Monitors Cisco UCM Voice Mail Devices

  • Device Registration Status

Monitors Cisco IPSec Tunnel

  • Bandwidth
  • Packets In/Out

Monitors Cisco Switches and Routers

  • Port Status
  • Power Budget
  • Stack State
  • Switch Role
  • IP SLA HTTP body size
  • IP SLA Page Download Rate

Monitors Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Application Optimizers

  • Active Connections
  • Connections Per Second
  • Percent Usage
  • Operational Status

Monitors Cisco WAN transport flow optimization

  • Active TCP Connections
  • All Connections
  • Connection Rate
  • Optimization Usage

Monitors Cisco CallManager Processes for Windows machines

  • CPU
  • Instance Data Throughput
  • Process Memory
  • Thread count

Monitors Cisco ASA devices

  • Connections
  • IP Sec Tunnels
  • Sessions/users
  • Tunnel traffic

Monitors Cisco Dot11 Radio Associated Clients

  • Number of associated wireless clients

Monitors analog calls coming over Cisco C3600 Family Platforms

  • Active DS0s
  • ISDN, Channelized T1 and Channelized E1

Monitors Cisco DSP Card

  • Utilization
  • Status

Monitors the integrated Data Service Unit/Channel Service Unit devices

  • DSU/CSU Status

Monitors Cisco devices

  • Fan Status
  • Memory Pool Usage
  • Power Supply Status
  • Temperature Sensor Status

Monitors Cisco QOS

  • Bytes per Second per instance
  • Packets per instance

Monitors Cisco SLA ICMP Echo statistics

  • Round Trip Time
  • One way Trip Time
  • Timeout status
  • Jitter
  • Packet Loss

Monitors Cisco SLA ICPIF

  • Jitter Monitoring
  • Loss per instance
  • MOS score per instance
  • Round Trip Time

Monitors Cisco SLA UDP Echo

  • Timeout status for instance
  • RTT for instance

Monitors Cisco Wireless Access Points

  • Operational Status
  • Admin Status

Monitors Cisco Wired Access Points

  • Drops/Errors
  • Packets
  • Throughput
  • Rogue Client Count
  • Rogue Access by State
  • Rogue Count

Monitors Cisco Wireless LAN Controller WLC devices

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Temperature

Monitors Cisco ESS WLAN Wireless Access Controllers

  • Admin Status
  • Channel Utilization
  • Client Count
  • Operational Status
  • Status
  • Utilization

Monitors Cisco Content Services Switches

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Free Space Disks 0 and 1
  • DoS – Active Flows, Flow Rates, Attacks
  • Connections (drops, hits and rejects)
  • Throughput
  • Average Load
  • Response Time
  • Service State

Monitors Cisco IronPort devices

  • Fan RPM
  • Key Expiration Time
  • RAID Status
  • Queue size
  • CPU
  • Disk Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Mail Threads
  • Temperature
  • Update Status