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With native JMX support built in, and predefined monitoring for Java and a variety of Java applications, LogicMonitor brings unprecedented ease of use and power to Java application monitoring.

Simply enable JMX on your java application, and LogicMonitor will detect it, and automatically add in monitoring of your Java VM – detecting the garbage collection algorithms in use, memory pools configured, thread and heap usage, etc, and graph and alert on them – all automatically.

Essential for tuning performance, all data is viewable as historical trend lines, and you can easily filter data, zoom in or out to different time frames, and create customized views of your data on personal or shared dashboards. Best practice alerting thresholds are already defined – so you can get on with building your apps.

Just a few of the Java metrics we monitor:

Java Garbage Collection

Essential for tuning and tracking application performance, LogicMonitor will automatically discover the different garbage-collection algorithms in use, and track the time spent in each:

Java Garbage Collection

Java Heap and Thread usage

Dynamically monitor Java heap, thread usage, and file descriptors, and be alerted if any of these critical resources are running low.

Java Garbage Collection

Java Memory Pool usage

Dynamically discover monitor all Java Memory Pools, trend them over time, correlate with garbage collection, alert if any pools are consistently low.

Java Memory Pool Monitoring
Java Memory Pools example