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How UMB AG achieved streamlined cloud monitoring and enhanced customer service with LogicMonitor

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Business need

A monitoring tool that was quick to deploy and would efficiently provide infrastructure insights, integrate seamlessly into existing operations, and keep pace with cloud advancements, enabling the ability to deliver top-tier services to their clients.

UMB is a leading system integrator in Switzerland that prides itself on delivering cutting-edge IT solutions, from infrastructure services to software development and data engineering. UMB has established itself as at the pinnacle of innovation and excellence within the IT landscape. They cater to a diverse clientele of mid-sized businesses both domestically and internationally. Despite their success, the rapid evolution of cloud services presented considerable challenges, driving the need for a more adaptable and efficient monitoring solution.

Keeping pace with cloud evolution

UMB’s devotion to operational excellence was hindered by the limitations of their existing monitoring tools, which had struggled to adapt to the fast-paced changes in cloud services. This influenced their ability to provide proactive solutions to their clients, along with impacting operational efficiency. It was essential to find a monitoring solution that could seamlessly integrate with the cloud and offer comprehensive insights into their infrastructure.

Streamlining monitoring with LogicMonitor

UMB turned to LogicMonitor to respond to these challenges, marking a turning point in their IT monitoring approach. With LogicMonitor’s ability to provide immediate, actionable insights and its easy integration into existing workflows, UMB has revolutionized their monitoring capabilities. The platform’s comprehensive coverage of IT infrastructure needs allowed UMB to focus on delivering enhanced services and client satisfaction.

Enhanced operational efficiency and client satisfaction

The adoption of LogicMonitor has had a profound impact on UMB’s operations, yielding numerous benefits:

  • Proactive monitoring capabilities have significantly reduced potential downtime, improving service reliability for clients.
  • Integration with IT management tools like ServiceNow has streamlined operations, increasing efficiency and SLA compliance.
  • Plans to expand the use of LogicMonitor promise to further enhance IT service delivery and client satisfaction.

By addressing the challenges of cloud evolution head-on, UMB has optimized its internal operations and elevated the level of service provided to its clients.