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Sogeti Improves Digital Agility and Reduces Customer Monitoring Onboarding Time by 90%

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)


Part of the Capgemini Group, Sogeti is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that operates in more than 100 locations globally. Sogeti combines agility and speed of implementation to tailor innovative future-focused solutions in digital assurance and testing, cloud, and cybersecurity; all fueled by AI and automation. Sogeti has a department within the company, The Sogeti Service Center, that offers platform services, application and data services, and a SMART WorkSpace solution that allows its customers to work collaboratively together in the cloud.

Prior to LogicMonitor, Sogeti’s customers were using a variety of monitoring tools to monitor their environments, such as Nagios, SCOM, AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitor, GCP, and synthetics monitoring for websites. There was no standardization between the different platforms and each monitoring tool had different thresholds, different alerts, and different integrations. Maintaining the six different monitoring solutions spread over multiple customers and environments was a time and budget drain for Sogeti and ceased to be realistic for their global maintenance team. Sogeti began looking for a solution that could monitor hybrid IT infrastructures from a single pane of glass.

With LogicMonitor, monitoring became so easy that every engineer can do it.

Wietse Jongsma Serviceline Architect, Sogeti


After evaluating LogicMonitor’s extensible monitoring and observability platform, Sogeti quickly decided it was the right solution for them. Sogeti operates on multiple cloud environments for different customers and LogicMonitor was able to bring the data from all those different environments into one single solution. “The big cloud suppliers have their own cloud-native monitoring solution, but all of those solutions have the same downside, which is not providing a single pane of glass,” explained Wietse Jongsma, Serviceline Architect at Sogeti. “With LogicMonitor’s multi-cloud visibility, we can view all of those environments within one monitoring solution.”

LogicMonitor is a one-stop shop to have total infrastructure monitoring visibility within a single solution.

Wietse Jongsma Serviceline Architect, Sogeti


The time it took to onboard new customers was reduced from weeks to hours after implementing LogicMonitor. “The high level of automation within LogicMonitor enables us to implement monitoring for new customers 90% faster,” said Jongsma. This was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. During COVID, Sogeti gained many new customers, especially for its SMART WorkSpace solution. The shift to remote work created a market for a smart workspace that enables teams to more easily collaborate together in the cloud. “Onboarding time became really important. People weren’t asking for it in six months, they wanted it tomorrow,” said Jongsma. “LogicMonitor removed the bottleneck. We can onboard a customer in hours within LogicMonitor and start monitoring right away.”

LogicMonitor’s cloud scalability also made it easy for Sogeti to quickly add new customers. “When you have a solution where you can handle ten users, you can easily scale it up to a thousand users,” explained Jongsma. “We were able to scale up and have our customers work from home with everything up and running. It was a smooth transition.”

Now, the monitoring is done by the operations team as part of daily operations. It is no longer a separate person who implements monitoring,” explained Jongsma. “With LogicMonitor, monitoring became so easy that every engineer can do it.”

Sogeti utilizes many of LogicMonitor’s readily available integrations to get data from different cloud providers and applications. This, along with LogicMonitor’s ease of maintenance, saves a lot of time. “The ability to customize a monitoring setting on different levels, either on a single instance for a single customer or globally, has saved a lot of time,” said Jongsma. “If I want to make a change to my monitoring system and apply that change for our customers, I only have to change the value once to apply them for all my customers.”

With LogicMonitor, Sogeti has been able to standardize and automate many of its processes. One process Sogeti has been able to completely automate is its integration with ServiceNow. The seamless integration with ServiceNow ensures that detected alerts will result in an incident and be assigned to the right solution group within seconds. This reduces MTTR for customers. Sogeti also uses LM Cloud to automatically discover and monitor resources once they have been connected to LogicMonitor. “If someone deploys a new website, it’s automatically monitored within an hour without any intervention from a monitoring engineer,” said Jongsma. “Overall, LogicMonitor has improved the experience for our customers. The biggest difference has been visibility. We use LogicMonitor dashboards to gain insights into the business processes and how applications behave functionally,” said Jongsma.

“LogicMonitor is a one-stop shop to have total infrastructure monitoring visibility within a single solution. LogicMonitor has scaled with us as we grew over the last year, and it will continue to grow with us,” concluded Jongsma.