Partner Spotlight: Optm

Partner Spotlight: Optm

Start off by telling us about Optm and how you were founded.

Until recently, our team was known as Empowered Networks. For over 20 years we’ve been focused on network monitoring and configuration management. By way of history, Empowered Networks’ roots are in the performance monitoring space, dating back to the late 1990s with the explosive growth of layer 3 routing. It was at this time we began to strategically partner with our customers, supporting their evolving performance and capacity requirements. Many members of our team have extensive operational experience, have led and run operations centers, and have lived the challenges of network monitoring and configuration management in their careers. 

While we maintained a monitoring practice, the limited innovation in the field drove us to focus more heavily on network change and config management where we could provide the most value to our customers. This has resulted in an extensive Empowered network change and config management practice through our partnership with Infoblox. 

We re-evaluated our practices after looking at LogicMonitor, realizing it addressed the issues that had challenged monitoring as a practice. The innovative LogicMonitor approach provides comprehensive and scalable monitoring while eliminating the usability and maintainability problems of the past. 

We recently became a part of Optm and this exciting evolution means we have the added resources of a global team with a focus on the challenges around security and observability that all our enterprise customers face. We have been solving challenges like this for over two decades and we are excited about the continued evolution of our partnership with LogicMonitor. 

What makes Optm unique compared to other Value-Added Resellers/Channel Partners? 

We are quite unique in the partner community, in three areas all related to the high level of value-add we provide for our customers.

  1. We have a very strong pedigree in monitoring and management. Being in the space for a couple of decades and implementing or integrating with nearly every tool out there, we understand the challenges and we also know first-hand the best practices that work.
  2. We like to work with our customers all the way through their observability journey. We assess current environments and business challenges, our team demonstrates best-in-class solutions like LogicMonitor, and we run in-depth POV’s so customers can see the capabilities first-hand. Finally, our growing services organization is trained to implement everything we sell, and importantly integrate it with other processes and tools that are important to success.
  3. We’re also very unique in that we have developed a growing suite of our own SaaS-based solutions that really complement products like LogicMonitor.
  • Optm Bridge simplifies complex integrations with other business systems our customers rely on.
  • Optm Advisor can decorate the discovered data from LogicMonitor with up-to-date information on Security vulnerabilities and Lifecycle updates.
  • We also have some exciting new products coming soon that will help simplify workflows to improve operations, automate complex processes, and provide enhanced security for our customers. Stay tuned on that one!

LM Elevate, LogicMonitor’s User Conference, is coming up on June 2nd; as a Platinum sponsor, what are you most looking forward to? 

We are excited to meet with many of our customers and discuss the exciting opportunities around observability. With the recent addition of APM and expansion of the LM Logs functionality, we’re also looking forward to sharing our early experiences with each and learning more about the future evolution LogicMonitor has in store.

What trends are you seeing in your industry and how is Optm staying up to date?

Two items we hear from our customers reflect the challenges the business is bringing back to the IT organization. One goal we hear from nearly every customer is the need for a single, collaborative environment that contains all of the observability data for the enterprise, regardless of where the data comes from. Customers need to see on-prem, cloud, and partner SaaS data in one place so they can understand how to best deploy their resources when problems arise.  When we show customers how they can do this out-of-the-box with LogicMonitor, they immediately see the business value and impact they can make for their business.

Second, customers are often surprised when we dive into the actual operating costs of their current, legacy monitoring tools. Generally, they only consider the ongoing maintenance costs, but when we unearth the compute, storage, hosting, productivity, impact to innovation, and so on, customers can see a bill they’re paying every year that’s up to five times more than just the OPEX they program for maintenance. When we then compare those costs to LogicMonitor, and show them how offloading the tasks and responsibilities of running the platform to the LogicMonitor team, customers immediately intuit how much more productive and innovative their team can be, while at the same time how much better their overall monitoring platform will be.