This must be the place

This must be the place

How LogicMonitor continues to be named one of the best places to work

For me, one of the biggest draws of LogicMonitor was the company culture. As I started talking to LMers from different teams to get a lay of the land, it quickly became apparent this is a place where collaboration and inclusiveness are truly valued. It is a place that generates innovation and high performing teams, and continues to do so even during a time of rapid growth and while adapting to a hybrid work model. 

While many other organizations have felt the pressure to completely revamp their cultures in order to retain and attract talent these last few years, ours continues to shine, earning recognition this year from awards like Fortune’s Best Medium Workplaces, Inc. Magazine’s list of Best Workplaces, and Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work.

But culture isn’t established overnight; it is built over time and is a continuous work in progress. There are always new challenges to address, such as ensuring our culture doesn’t exist solely within the office, but permeates virtually to our people working remotely. And just as we must stay one step ahead with tech innovation, we must do the same for culture innovation. 

An important part of culture innovation means listening to employee feedback and finding ways to align our values, even as those values may shift with the changing times. Customer obsessed, better every day, one team, trust, and agile are the five values that guide everything we do at LogicMonitor, but there are also three elements of our culture that are important to LMers, and therefore important to the company as a whole:


First and foremost, we want every single LMer to truly feel a sense of belonging here. We embrace and celebrate people from all backgrounds, valuing different perspectives. We care about each other’s success, offer help when needed, motivate each other to constantly learn, and always share our knowledge. While there’s always work to be done to ensure a respectful, diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce, we continue to do that work, have tough conversations, and create supportive communities for our people.


We emphasize manager training to ensure our leaders are valuable guides and coaches to their team, who can create safe and supportive environments that empower LMers to do their best work. We reward each other for upholding company values and promote numerous training and development initiatives to ensure employees are fully equipped for any challenges in their careers. These initiatives reinforce our supportive company culture and have been effective in empowering employees to perform better by providing them with the tools they need to resolve difficult work situations. These include mentoring programs, leadership programs, onboarding training and bootcamps for sales, and career shadowing.


Flexibility came to the forefront during the pandemic and is a priority that is here to stay. As other organizations draft elaborate return to work policies, we’re veering away from the mandates and reimaging how we view our offices. As centers of energy, providing human connection after years of being deprived those connections. A place to collaborate, learn, and celebrate.

At the end of the day, people not only want to feel good about the work they’re doing but they want to feel good about where they work. We’re committed to creating an environment where LMers can do great things with great people in a great place! If you want to learn more about what it’s like being a part of the LogicMonitor team, check out our career’s page at