IT Downtime & Mitigation Report

Trends and tactics impacting IT availability in 2020

Today’s executives rely upon IT departments to deliver a seamless digital customer experience.

However, the real challenge comes when the very IT initiatives that are supposed to be helping modernize organizations and improve performance end up causing IT outages. The following research report contains expert opinions and recommendations compiled from 300 global IT leaders on key trends causing IT outages and brownouts and how best to avoid them:

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Key Takeaways from this study:

Transformation comes at the cost of availability.

Despite the critical importance of availability in today’s digital world:


of IT leaders had experienced at least one outage in the past three years.

Downtime prevention starts with maintenance.

When we asked IT leaders the most important ways to prevent downtime:


said performing preventative maintenance.

Companies can detect and mitigate downtime faster with monitoring.

Downtime can be minimized if detected and addressed immediately. When we asked IT leaders how:


said proactive monitoring is key.


IT Outage Impact Study

Availability has become our most valuable commodity, yet high-profile outages and brownouts are occurring at an alarming rate. LogicMonitor surveyed 300 global IT leaders to dig deeper into the impact of downtime on today’s businesses. Read the report to find out how much downtime costs and how often it happens.

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