A Commitment to Diversity: How LMs Successful Internship Program Keeps its Momentum Rolling

LogicMonitor Internship Program

A Look Back

When we wrote about LogicMonitor’s inaugural launch of University Recruiting in Spring ‘22, about 90% of our requisitions had been filled – a great success for such early stages of this robust effort. At that time, we were also developing a comprehensive learning and development plan for Summer interns to experience growth in more ways than just through their projects in the 10 weeks as LMers. Now, we’ll reflect on the efforts that led to a wonderful Summer experience for our interns and consider:

  • How we measure the success of the program
  • What’s in store for future internships
  • Why LMers should consider partaking in this program

Summer Review

In developing a plan for the most recent Summer cohort, we wanted to differentiate ourselves by showing an interest in each of the interns’ professional growth, while allowing them to contribute in meaningful ways to their teams. We dedicated approximately 50 hours strictly to professional development workshops such as “Organization & Time Management,” “Navigating Non-Linear Career Paths,” “Networking,” “Presentation Skills,” and more.  

“Because of the high-growth nature of LogicMonitor, we offer a unique opportunity for all employees to constantly learn and grow. Our internship program is no different; though only with us for a short time, interns have accelerated opportunities to learn, and we are committed to offering work tied to real impact, that’s going to last them throughout their careers,” said LogicMonitor’s Chief Performance Officer, Alyene Schneidewind.  

We also peeled back the curtain to LM’s organization, exposing interns to functional teams outside of their own and educating them on our highly technical product. As a result, we were nominated for the “Top 100 Internship Program” by WayUp and were invited to promote our unique internship program on our first-ever podcast called “The Internship Show,” presented by Scholars, Inc. The podcast can be found here (and just about anywhere else you might listen to podcasts).

Diversity is an extraordinary element to life at LM, and we immediately wanted to embed our interns into our culture. Right away, we welcomed them to the various Employee Resource Groups at LM (or “Community Groups”) and encouraged them to bring their diverse backgrounds, interests, skills, and hobbies to work each day. Our goal is to build a unifying experience together as peers and add it to the strong culture we have at LM. In our summer intern feedback surveys, the majority of interns expressed that our diversity workshops were critical to their immersion in LM’s culture and helped them to build fiduciary relationships with coworkers and fellow interns.

“Today’s workforce is quite competitive. Our Community Groups, workplace initiatives, and talent programs are just a few examples of diversity on display at LM. We incorporate a DE&I lens into all internships to deepen the experience, while also enabling them to make an impact on us as well,” said Schneidewind.

At the conclusion of our internship program, we were able to convert roughly 30% to full-time – a huge win! We are aiming at an even higher conversion rate going forward, so feedback continues to be important to us. Interns praised the one-on-one attention they received from their teams, and many noticed a difference in how LogicMonitor sincerely cares about their employees compared to other organizations. We also received insightful feedback from several intern managers and received high praise. Some highlights include:

“I love how organized the program is and how much it allows the interns to connect with each other and learn more about a professional environment.”  

“The frequency and cadence of internship programming is very helpful in supplementing the interns’ limited experience.”  

We’ve certainly set the bar high for internal managers and future interns to experience great things while they’re here.   

Looking forward

As we build momentum from the Summer, we created a business development plan to empower more managers to “join the club” and bring on an intern. We also established several sustainable partnerships with universities – many of which are close to our hub US offices – leading to increased engagement on campuses this Fall.

In addition, we recently kicked-off the busy recruiting season, and it has been exciting to connect with students again! Highlighting our recent successes has certainly helped us when pitching LM to bright, young leaders interested in tech. Looking ahead, we’ll have two internship cohorts in 2023 with approximately 20 interns in total. This is a 54% increase from last year, which is a lofty but attainable goal. To help us meet this goal, we’re attending and/or leading 20 different engagements on campuses this fall at four different universities. We’re also exploring opportunities to partner with a community college and local non-profit organization as part of our ongoing commitment to building diversity in our recruiting efforts.

Here are a few pictures from this Fall’s events:

Why we care

As LogicMonitor continues to grow, it’s important we build a workforce that’s scalable, diverse, and equipped with skills to take us to the next level. University Recruiting is connecting LM to diverse talent that’s getting best-in-industry exposure to Tech, allowing us to invest in the future careers of many students. Internships are just one part of our global workforce, but they are vital in scaling hiring efforts at a sustainable, economical pace. They also give students an exciting opportunity to lead the charge in bringing more diversity to STEM. 

Get involved

We’re always looking for more intern managers, but there are other ways to get involved:

  • Attend a recruiting event
  • Join an interview panel
  • Lead an intern workshop
  • Socialize the program across our company

Reach out to the Talent Acquisition team and let them know you want to help make this program “the best part of someone’s career.”