“I can’t believe I’ve never heard of LogicMonitor.”

I used to hear this from prospects and new customers on a regular basis, but our market awareness is growing fast. And people are starting to notice who we are and what we’re doing. In the last few weeks alone we crushed the competition at VMWorld, published a great case study on how we help INFOR manage one of the largest public cloud infrastructures on the planet, beat out a market competitor in two high-profile enterprise deals, and received a shout-out from Cameron Deatsch the Head of Server and Enterprise Marketing for Atlassian at the Atlassian Summit last week calling us their monitoring partner.

Our LM team has worked incredibly hard, and smart, to create real product differentiation in a highly-fragmented market. There are legacy, on-prem based monitoring tools out there for IT teams that still want them. Analytics-as-monitoring tools exist that take in “push” data and interpret it as performance. Finally, cloud-only monitoring tools also exist for smaller, AWS-centric datacenter monitoring. But for teams managing complex “hybrid IT operations” with a mix of on-prem and cloud infrastructure, and business initiatives requiring automation and agility to meet these needs, there’s really just one game in town. LogicMonitor.

SaaS IT monitoring

Our VMWorld exhibit tagline this month was SaaS-based performance monitoring for the modern enterprise. There’s not a single direct competitor that can do what we can do the way we do it. That’s why Quora, Zendesk, Nielsen, Hobsons, The Boston Globe, Synoptek, Trulia.com and thousands of other companies rely on the LogicMonitor platform. We manage the availability and performance of the IT and application infrastructure these customers rely on to deliver their services to their customers. Tool and vendor consolidation is real. And today’s CIOs want to manage their technology stack by partnering with only a handful of key, high performance vendors. Just like ServiceNow is for ITSM and CMDB, LogicMonitor is fast becoming the equivalent for performance monitoring.

Our story is just beginning. And frankly, we haven’t done a great job of telling it. Yet. But that’s changing. We have a distinct competitive advantage: Why? We are committed to delivering innovative technology; we exist outside the bubble of Silicon Valley; and our company DNA is centered around understanding the problems we solve for our customers.

We continue to innovate. LogicMonitor was born a true tech company. We’ve built our own intellectual property. Our SaaS platform uses an agentless “collector” to pull data from the devices and services we monitor. Our whole system was architected to be very flexible and extensible as we know technology is dynamic and always evolving. This makes it easy for us to embed intelligence regarding what to collect, graph and alert on for thousands of different applications, operating systems, network and storage gear, and cloud services. It’s a distinct advantage to “push” monitoring where many new cloud-only or analytics-as-monitoring companies ingest and display data but rely on other systems (or users!) to send the data to them. We decided to innovate on our technology backend a few years ago and we built our own time series database (TSDB).

Customers don’t just want data. It’s actionable intelligence that IT Ops teams care about. So rather than use an available open source project we built a big data backend that is massively scalable so we can actively access data and present operational intelligence to our customers. As we continue to add capability to LM over time, you’ll see us find ways to extract and present more and more intelligence out of customer data. The TSDB we built is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. We can handle 800K data inserts per second. Compare that to the leading SaaS APM product’s 300 inserts per second on their MySQL platform. Our database massively compresses data while making it completely accessible and searchable.

Being outside of The Valley isn’t a negative. Considering how connected the world is today, we easily stay in tune with what’s happening on Sand Hill Road, San Francisco and around the world. We’ve built a unique culture across our five global offices. One we are quite proud of. One that attracts top talent. And one the enables us to delight our customers every day. We don’t try to outspend the competition….instead we focus on how to outsmart them. And we’re building a world class, profitable business.

Our unique DNA benefits our customers. At the core of LM is a group of world-class IT Operations experts solving well-established problems that most IT professionals understand. The idea was simple — remove monitoring from inside the datacenter, and automate the configuration. Most monitoring products are premises-based technology that require tons of technical overhead – dedicated servers, agents on every machine, manual configuration, and VPNs to monitor distributed technology. All that overhead is expensive, risky and opportunity-cost laden. LogicMonitor is a rarity for software companies. Most companies start with an idea and then get a Silicon Valley VC to fund the idea so that the founder can find someone to then build it. We started with a great idea based on our DNA and built the MVP and platform ourselves. In fact, we only raised our first sizeable round of funding in 2011 after we had 100 happy, paying clients and a proven solution.

But, having a great product alone is not enough. We are in business to delight our customers. So delivering outstanding service and support are key complements to our software and core to our DNA. Our team appreciates the trials and tribulations our customers face managing sprawling IT technology because they live it daily. This informs how we onboard new customers as well as the entire customer experience and support cycle. If we think a client would benefit from our in-house expertise to maximize their investment in LM, our professional services team will help out. And in-app technical support with 24 x 7 escalation for our global enterprise accounts rounds out our offering.

LogicMonitor is a work in progress. But like Michaelangelo, our work is unfolding and evolving daily. And we are proud and humbled to support the thousands of companies around the world that depend on us every day.