Internal mobility: A path to maximize your career growth and success

Internal mobility: A path to maximize your career growth and success

At LogicMonitor, we believe in empowering our team members to achieve their full potential through internal mobility. As we continue investing in our employees’ ability to elevate their careers at LogicMonitor, we spoke with three of our superstar LMers who have embraced this opportunity to take on new and exciting roles within the company. Read on to learn about their inspiring journeys and the benefits of internal mobility at LogicMonitor.

Tell us a bit about you!

Dan Brodsky, Learning & Development Specialist

“My career at LM began evolving, starting day one on the Talent Acquisition team. After a short while, I earned a promotion as the leader of an unprecedented and highly specialized initiative (University Recruiting), which catapulted my career forward as a Project Manager. Now, I’m managing a different initiative on the Learning and Development team, with greater influence and more visibility. I guess you could say that I’ve developed in several ways very quickly because we’re part of a culture that fosters professional development and growth, and I’m incredibly grateful thus far!”  

Franky Sansone, Associate Customer Success Manager

“I started at LogicMonitor in November of 2021 as a Business Development Representative. I was then promoted to Senior BDR on November 1st of 2022 (which was also my 25th birthday!) Then I officially started as an Associate Customer Success Manager in January of 2023. LM has had a positive impact on my life. I’ve always had a strong support system helping me here at LM ever since I started in 2021.” 

Jela Tolentino, Compensation & Total Rewards Analyst

“I’ve been with LogicMonitor for almost 2 years now! I started out as Sr. Talent Acquisition Associate, and recently moved into a Compensation & Total Rewards Analyst role. I’ve grown so much at LM – from being promoted as a Sr. Talent Acquisition Associate to a Specialist, to being sent to a Seattle conference to further my professional development, to now having the chance to transfer into another ES team. I’ve learned that if I seek the growth & really put it out there, an opportunity at LM just might pop up” 

We believe that a supportive and collaborative work environment is key to unlocking your full potential. With opportunities for growth and development tailored to each individual, we empower each team member to grow at their own pace. 

As part of our ongoing investment in our employees’ ability to elevate their careers, we recently launched our Careers@LM Slack channel. This channel is designed to help LMers explore open job opportunities within LogicMonitor and stay informed about our referral program, get updates from hiring managers, and more. Through providing this platform for internal visibility, we aim to support our employees in taking ownership of their career advancement.

The path to advancement may differ, but the end result is the same: realizing your true capabilities and reaching your goals. 

How did you get the opportunity for your new role?

Dan: “I began networking with folks that worked in this function, which gave me the chance to express interest and curiosity pertaining to L&D. I felt very supported by my manager and team, and believe that without their support and endorsement I may not have been given this opportunity.”

Franky:I had a meeting with my manager, Gina Pozzo, and during my one on one meeting with her she asked what roles I was interested in, as I continue to progress at LM. Eventually, I was able to reach out to Jillian Bierman, Director of Customer Success, in the summer of 2022 and we were able to discuss what it would take to be an Associate Customer Success Manager. Fast forward to January of 2023 and I am now on her team!”

Jela: “My first manager at LogicMonitor thought of me when they heard of the role, and then socialized it with me. It wasn’t on my radar at first, but as I talked to the people I’d work with and learned more about the role, my interest & excitement grew. My Talent Acquisition leaders were all supportive of the transition!”

At LogicMonitor, we pride ourselves on our commitment to agility, one of our values. LMers are encouraged to take on new and diverse projects, develop and unlock new skills, and collaborate across departments to drive innovation and growth. We recognize that career paths are not always linear, and are dedicated to providing our team with the flexibility and resources they need to make a meaningful impact, while remaining engaged and passionate about their work.

How do you see yourself making an impact in your new role?

Dan: “L&D is something that’s relatively new here, but we’ve already got so many folks – new and seasoned LMers – interested in growth and development. This offers a unique opportunity to make a difference at individual and team levels.  LM takes pride in providing “the best part of our careers,” and I genuinely feel that my new role will be instrumental in helping our people shine even brighter.”

Franky: “My role is pivotal in keeping our customers happy. We deliver the best customer support on the market and I will continue to keep the trend. What I hope to do in this role is to really dive deep into the LM platform and be an effective consultant for customers.” 

Jela: “This year, the compensation team’s goal is to standardize & globalize job mapping to company-wide job levels. It will be a heavy lift, but it will have a tangible impact on our people afterwards. For this project, I’m excited to lean on my understanding of LM’s org structure – knowledge that I gained from my role in Talent Acquisition.”

There are many reasons why LMers choose to stay at LogicMonitor. A big factor is internal mobility, along with opportunities for growth within the company. With the ability to take on new roles, explore different departments and work on challenging projects, LMers continue to discover their superpowers and unlock hidden talents. Our collaborative and supportive work environment fosters a sense of community and belonging that makes it exciting to come to work each day, whether it be virtually or in-person at one of our Centers of Energy. 

What keeps you at LM?

Dan: “LM has backed up its claims since day one of the recruiting process. They asked me questions about my career interests and have consistently followed through for me. I’ve received two promotions in approximately a year – something that’s somewhat uncommon. I like to think I’ve earned that success, but if LM wasn’t showing support like they have been, then perhaps I’d be in a different state of mind.”

Franky: “The people at LM have kept me here. My colleagues continue to support me through my highs and lows. I can always count on them for their assistance when I really need it. My work/balance has improved since I started here at LM as well. I started going to CorePower Yoga because of our company discount and it has helped me start my days on the right foot. Anything is possible at LM! Do the work and you will be recognized for your efforts! ”

Jela: “I’m still here because of the company’s support for work life balance, remote work, and the endless opportunities available to learn and grow both personally and professionally. The people are pretty nice too!”