LM Referral Spotlight: Anil Wakade

LM Referral Spotlight: Anil Wakade

Lead Software Engineer

How did you first learn about LogicMonitor?

I had been actively searching for a good opportunity when my friend, Abhijit, who was already a part of the team, introduced me to LogicMonitor. He asked if I would be interested in the opportunity.

Tell us a bit about the person who referred you to LogicMonitor.

Abhijit, a Lead Automation Engineer, is a talented professional who has been with LogicMonitor for several years. We previously worked together at the same organization, and he spoke highly about how this opportunity would provide me with the chance to learn and grow.

What factors helped you make your decision in choosing to work at LogicMonitor?

I received positive feedback from friends within the industry regarding LogicMonitor. The interview process was smooth and thorough, and I was impressed by LogicMonitor’s culture and hybrid WFH/office model.

What was your overall first impression of LogicMonitor?

My initial impression of LogicMonitor was that it was a fast-growing company with a dynamic team of highly energetic individuals who were eager to learn and grow.

In what ways have you grown since starting at LogicMonitor?

Since joining LogicMonitor, I have experienced significant growth by acquiring expertise on LogicMonitor’s domain and platform through training, onboarding, and internal sessions.

What are you excited about going forward?

Looking ahead, I am thrilled to continue growing professionally by gaining a deeper understanding of LogicMonitor’s product and working on exciting projects. I find the everyday learning opportunities at LogicMonitor truly exciting.

How has being referred to LogicMonitor changed your career, life, or goals?

Being referred to LogicMonitor has transformed my career by constantly exposing me to new things, whether it’s related to LogicMonitor’s infrastructure, processes, projects, and even the tech stack. I am enthusiastic about working on a dynamic and growing team.

If you were to refer someone to LogicMonitor, what advice would you give them or what might you tell them to help them make their decision?

First and foremost, I would highly recommend LogicMonitor. I would advise them that if they are seeking to work in a growing organization with abundant learning opportunities, LogicMonitor is the place to be.