LogicMonitor Goes for Gold at the Rio Olympics

Have you been looking for one place to keep track of everything going on in the Rio Olympics? One place to see how many gold medals each country has? What the most recent live results for each sport are? Where in Rio each of the athletic events are taking place? If the NBCOlympics.com website was a little bit slower for everyone, not just you, around 1pm yesterday? Whether the USA will get more gold medals in the 2016 games than they did in the 2012 games?

Well, LogicMonitor has you covered. We recently used LogicMonitor to monitor the Summer Olympics in Rio.

We used LogicModules to pull in live Rio Olympics results, and LogicMonitor’s powerful dashboard widgets to display the results. In addition, we utilized LogicMonitor’s forecasting functionality to assess when certain countries will meet or exceed the number of medals they received in 2012.

Below is our Rio Olympics 2016 LogicMonitor Dashboard, provided by our new Dashboard sharing functionality.  For reference, here is a breakdown of it’s elements:


We wrote three custom LogicModules:

  • Datasource pulling total medal counts from the Summer Olympics 2012
  • Datasource pulling live medal counts from this Summer Olympics 2016
  • Eventsource pulling in live results for recently completed events (including the names and countries of winning Olympians)

And here are the Widgets you’ll see on the Rio Olympics 2016 LogicMonitor Dashboard:

  • Map Widget: Map of all event venue locations in Rio
  • Text Widget: Rio Olympics 2016 logo
  • Graph Widget: Summer Olympics 2016 medals broken down by country and medal type (Gold, Silver Bronze)
  • Pie Widget: Summer Olympics 2016 medal percentage broken down by top 10 countries
  • Service Performance Widget: Response time of NBCOlympics.com
  • Big Number Widget: Gold medal count of four countries (USA, China, Russia, Australia)
  • Alert Widget: all event results with Olympian winner name (if posted); with alert categorized as “Critical” if USA is mentioned as a winner
  • Table Widget: 2016 medal counts per country, forecasting for when each country is expected to meet or surpass their total medal medal count from 2012
  • Service SLA Widget: SLA of NBCOlympics.com
  • Gauge Widget: Percent of 2012 USA Gold medals won so far by USA in 2016