LogicMonitor’s Community Groups Reflect on 2020

LogicMonitor's Community Groups Reflect on 2020

With the end of 2020 upon us, it’s important to reflect on a year that has been like no other.  Learning from our experiences is how we grow, and this year we have gained a deeper understanding that connection, community, and a sense of belonging is highly impactful to our employees and their success. In a world that feels separated, LogicMonitor has fostered a community based on intentional connection and shared experience.  

The LogicMonitor Community Groups have stepped up this year to ensure employees feel united despite the physical or emotional distance. These groups created a space for open dialogue where members can bring their thoughts, experiences, and ideas into a safe environment. Employees listened and responded with respect and care – demonstrating the value of being one team.  

We proudly held 45 events to support our community within our respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion work. We started off with an ongoing speaker series that focused on social justice and community support. The series included keynotes from Tessa Kaneene and Matt Stephenson and an action-oriented workshop series from Dr. Chela White-Ramsey. Each of our community groups held town halls and social events to provide the community with the following: 

  • Pride@LM kept members active with virtual workouts and tye-dye workshops. 
  • Women@LM launched monthly coffee chats and held creative workshops. 
  • POC@LM organized resume and college essay reviews and hosted professional development workshops. 
  • LMWell fostered internal focus and openness in mental health and wellness workshops. 
  • LMCares facilitated events to give back and connect with our greater community and strengthened our bond with our non-profit partners.

This year has brought a lot of unknowns, and our community rose to the challenge in a way that has been unwavering and inspiring. Together we’ve solidified our intentions and created a strong foundation for important work. It’s been a fulfilling time for LM’s community groups and we are thankful to those who have supported us. There is still so much work to be done, and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey together in 2021.