Monitoring our employees’ happiness.

This is a guest post by Elisha Saini, LogicMonitor Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst. Follow her on Twitter at @ElishaSaini

Recently I passed the milestone of the first year of my career, and my first year at LogicMonitor. Below is my commemorative blog 🙂

5 reasons I love working at LM…

1. The title/position you have does not nearly reflect the million different things you end up working on.

In 12 months I’ve done everything from employee onboarding, coordinating company events, organizing trade show logistics, moving an entire office to a new building, and becoming an excel wiz to create financial/business performance reports.  Being fresh out of college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. What I did know, however, is that I wanted to try a little bit of everything to get a feel for what I enjoy most. That’s exactly what I got.

2. You know everyone in every department, including all the execs.

Whether you’re in marketing, support, sales, dev, finance, admin, etc everybody knows everyone else and finds many opportunities to collaborate and work with each other across various projects. As an analyst in the finance department I have gone to marketing to learn how our lead generation works, to sales to find out about our conversion rates, and to support to analyze how current clients interact with our customer success team. The last thing I wanted was to be pigeon-holed into a position that stifles creativity and forces me to perform the same mundane tasks day to day. Instead I find myself doing and learning something new all the time.

Being at a small (but growing) company also allows for more personal relationships with each other. A few weeks ago I got into a bike accident on my way home from lunch. That evening I got a call and text from our VP of Finance and CEO to make sure I was okay. It’s nice to know your execs genuinely care about your well being.

3. You work with twice as many (or more) people now then when you started a year ago.

When I started last summer, I was the 17th employee in Santa Barbara along with 4 more in Chengdu. Now we have 44 employees across Santa Barbara, Chengdu, Austin, and New York, not to mention several other contractors and interns. With so many people starting at any given moment, LogicMonitor has created an onboarding process that is streamlined, yet comprehensive. It gives all new employees an overview of our product and market and allows newbies to get acquainted with all their colleagues.

4. Your bosses are supportive of your professional/personal development.

I have a degree in Global Studies and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I work in Finance. Although I love being in finance, it wasn’t exactly the easiest transition. Fortunately, I have supportive bosses who recognize my ability to learn things quickly and encourage me to do what it takes to learn what I need. In the past year I’ve taken a few courses on, and a Managerial Finance class at Santa Barbara City College. On top of that I am surrounded by folks who are super knowledgeable about a million different things. I can sit down with just about anyone, and they are more than happy and willing to bestow their knowledge to me (provided it doesn’t take them too much away from work!). Our CEO jokes that I am already getting a head start on my MBA.

5. Being outdoorsy and active is the norm.

In any given week you will see LM employees participating in a hundred different activities. As a company we play softball on Mondays, basketball on Wednesdays, and have a personal trainer workout with us on Thursdays. On top of that you will probably get invited to rock climbing during lunch, volleyball after work, a mid-week hike, or the daily ping pong challenge. If you’re interested in running, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, or canoeing, you’ll easily find a buddy for that too. Oh, and no company beach day is complete without an ultimate frisbee game.

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