Our Philosophy on Monitoring

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  • Your monitoring solution should make your life easier, not harder.
  • Monitoring should not have to be a full time job.
  • Data collection, alerting, trending and reporting should all be integrated.
  • Everyone in IT/Ops should be able to use your monitoring – not just the person that set it up.
  • Monitoring should tell people about changes in your infrastructure – not be dependent on humans to know of changes.
  • Data should be presented in a way that enlightens everyone – from IT and Ops to the CFO and CEO.
  • Monitoring should be outside your own infrastructure. And your cloud provider’s infrastructure.
  • Using more than one monitoring tool for all your infrastructure is inefficient. Using less than one is crazy.
  • Your IT and Ops people can add much more value to your business if they are not stuck doing monitoring.
  • Owning your own monitoring infrastructure does not add value to your business. Unless you are a monitoring company.

Steve Francis


Steve is the founder of LogicMonitor.

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