Tackling the Tech Giant

As recruiters at a company with a highly technical product, we are often asked the same question from candidates, entry-level and experienced alike, “How can I align my (perhaps not so technical) skills to work at your company?” This blog is meant to address those who are looking to make a change to or enter the tech industry but might have hesitations. We’ll address the challenges of entering a highly technical company, the skills we look for (that might be the skills you already have), and how we’ve always set up our employees for success, from our startup days (founded in 2007) to the 400+ employees of today.

Today’s fastest-growing companies are laying the infrastructure of a fourth industrial revolution, and LogicMonitor is at the center of this growth as a SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring tool. Anything that you can pull data from- we can monitor and turn into meaningful information for companies. Having insight into a company’s infrastructure is a huge and expensive investment, which is why our software is defining the market for monitoring technologies. And LogicMonitor as a company is growing rapidly! For that reason, we are hiring across all departments, so there is an entry point for someone looking to transition into the tech industry, whether it’s sales, technical support, customer success, or engineering, etc. 

World-Class Training

We had an opportunity to sit down with the Director of Sales Training and Enablement at LogicMonitor to discuss the support new employees receive at LogicMonitor. “All new sales reps who come into LogicMonitor go through an immersive 6-week training bootcamp where they learn about our product, competitors in the space, and how to handle objections.” For sales positions, soft skills are just as important as hard skills; motivation, problem-solving, and a desire for lifelong learning can take you very far in your career. 

One of LogicMonitor’s Business Development Team Leads had no previous experience in the tech industry before joining LogicMonitor. Starting on our entry-level sales team, he says the things he’s learned have helped him grow immensely both personally and professionally. Now, he helps people who are new to the tech industry navigate their career.

A lot of entry level candidates have a notion that you can only go into the field you majored in, or have experience in. The beauty of this company is that we consider more of who you are as a person and the ways you’ve learned to adapt and grow yourself, and want to continue to grow.” – Team Lead, Business Development

One Team

People may be intimidated by tech if their perception is that it’s all coding, but if you have the soft skills to relate to customers and the drive to learn something new, you can certainly also find a career in technical support. LogicMonitor’s Director of Engineering Services has been at LogicMonitor for almost 5 years, starting as an entry-level Technical Support Engineer and working his way up to directing a global team of 30. “Team members here are always helping each other out as a top priority and are given all of the tools that they need to be successful right away,” he says. The engineering services team can be the starting point for roles in support, customer success, professional services, product, and engineering because we always encourage internal career growth! 

From Intern to Manager

LogicMonitor’s Engineering Manager has been at LogicMonitor for 5 years, starting as a Software Development Intern and working his way up to managing a team of 15. He reiterated that “you can overcome a lack of product knowledge through training, working with the team, educating yourself, researching our product and the market.” The team undergoes a 4 week technical and product bootcamp and is always given a safe entry point to contribute.

“Through that onboarding process, even if there are gaps in hard skills, with a strong work ethic and problem-solving skills those gaps can be overcome.” – Engineering Manager

Use Your Resources

 Our Senior Program Manager had no previous experience in the tech industry before moving to LogicMonitor. She talks about the resources that helped her grow. “I asked tons of questions and took advantage of our professional development. In fact, I got scrum certified with the help of LogicMonitor.” LogicMonitor always encourages lifelong learners and reimburses for professional development.  It’s her eagerness to learn and motivation that has helped her succeed at LogicMonitor, this is a common mindset that came up with every employee we talked to. We look for the same attributes that we always have; critical problem solving, initiative, and a desire to learn.

When we hire employees, we have very well established training programs that will help them succeed because as a company we know that we are only as strong as our people.  It’s critical that we set up our employees for success from day #1 on the job. Therefore, even if you do not know how to best configure the collector for every target machine, or what data is collected in a hypervisor, don’t let that stop you from applying!  Your soft skills, transferable skills, and potential are equally important factors that are taken into consideration for every candidate.

Connect with Us

If you are someone who is motivated with a desire to learn, we want to meet you! Visit our website to access all of the resources there that span our product to our amazing benefits. Our careers page is constantly updated with awesome job opportunities to check out and to apply to. You can also reach out to [email protected] with any questions you might have because our recruiters are here to help you with your job journey, and we’re always interested in a conversation about how to align the
skills you already have with your dream job!