LogicMonitor Certification Program

LogicMonitor offers state of the art comprehensive end-user training & certification programs, available to all LogicMonitor users. LogicMonitor is an extensive, easy-to-use, infrastructure intelligence platform providing valuable insight into your hybrid infrastructure spanning cloud, on-premises, and microservices. The LogicMonitor training program ensures that you are adequately versed and leverage the platform to the fullest.

Topics include:

  • How the LogicMonitor platform is designed
  • Navigating the UI
  • Viewing and interacting with resources and graphs
  • Analyzing and responding to alerts
  • Dashboard and report configuration

LogicMonitor Certified Associate (LMCA)

The LMCA is the introductory and foundational certification for new users of LogicMonitor. This program presents LogicMonitor from both a conceptual and practical point of view. It is designed for end-users and covers basic concepts, usage, and best practices. It does not cover initial setup, configuration, or administrative tasks. The approximate duration for both the course and certification exam is 4 hours.

Topics include:

  • Collector strategy and configuration
  • Managing and grouping resources
  • Configuring, tuning and routing alerts
  • Building Dashboards and Reports
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Topology Mapping

LogicMonitor Certified Professional (LMCP)

The LMCP builds on the LMCA, and is designed for LogicMonitor Administrators and advanced users. This course covers the initial setup, configuration, and administrative tasks of a LogicMonitor portal. Included are best practices for deploying and maintaining the LogicMonitor solution. The approximate duration for both the course and certification exam is 6 hours. For existing customers, experienced LogicMonitor administrators can skip the LMCA as a prerequisite and jump straight to the LMCP.

Graduates of the LogicMonitor training program are able to:

  • Decrease team ramp time
  • Achieve ROI faster
  • Increase exposure to industry standards, techniques, and best practices
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities with other LogicMonitor training program graduates



If you’d like to learn more or have specific questions on the LogicMonitor training program, reach out to us here.

About the Certification Program

Both certification courses provide a unique learning experience using graphical illustrations, video, and numerous examples of the LogicMonitor UI. All content is developed by our Senior Training Engineers, and is based on their years of experience on-boarding and training new product users. After completing the course, users will take the certification exam. In order to become certified, users must score 75% or higher. After passing the certification exam, users will receive an e-certificate of their accomplishment, to share with their teams or on social media.