See how Dexda revolutionizes IT operations

Purpose-built AI from a trusted partner; Dexda offers contextualized data and observability capabilities that is a gateway to generative AI and unmatched digital experiences


Hi. Today, I’ll be giving you a demo of Dexda, which is our AIOps solution to help IT operations team fight alert fatigue.

Imagine, I am Sam, the IT team manager. I come to LogicMonitor. I can see all the various, alert types that my team is working on and how long it’s taking them to resolve those alerts. And if I want to go into drill down mode, I can launch Dexda from here to see the various types of alerts that are being processed.

I can see right away that in last thirty days, was able to process twenty six thousand alerts. And of those 660 were not correlated and 193 alerts got correlated into insights. I can see these insights got split by various team members in my team. Server team is working on three insights. Application team on one insight and all. And what are the different severities?

And all the resources in my infrastructure that are generating most of these insights. Now let’s take a look at a specific insight and and go through the detail.

Here, Dexda is able to correlate the seven alerts coming into a single insight, and as it went through the details of that alert, it automatically surfaces various details about that alert through these tags.

And this was done through natural language processing. So I can right away see that this alert is related to a Docker container.

VMware, and there were possibly was a network issue. And as I go into the details of this particular alert, I can see that, hey, this particular network interface start multiple times, and this was a VMware VMX net, ethernet interface.

Now if I want to go and and figure out, like, why this was correlated into seven. So we are showing all our machine learning models, and these are open and flexible models and I can go and see the model. And if I want, I can edit the model also.

This is really, one of the unique features of Dexda. If I want to see all the different models that Dexda has, I can see those models also. And I can edit any of these models.

The other aspect is how do I troubleshoot an issue that extra pointed out. So I go back to to my interface, this particular inside. And here, there are multiple of these alerts that were correlated.

If I want to go and drill down into a particular alert and troubleshoot it further, I can do that. So now because of the close integration with LogicMonitor, I can see this specific alert in LogicMonitor. I can do further analysis of it like as this alert was happening, what other issues were seen on that particular resource, and I can go troubleshoot using logs.

For example, I can start my workflow from ServiceNow also. So Dexda has a bidirectional integration with ServiceNow.

Suppose I’m a Nick the network engineer, and I get, this particular insight sent into my service now view.

In ServiceNow, I can see seven alerts were correlated into this particular insight, and all the further details. So I could start my workflow either from service now through the bidirectional integration or from text. Thanks for watching.