Dexda Solution Brief

Dexda Solution Brief

Dexda, LogicMonitor’s AIOps solution, was built to solve ITOps teams challenges with silencing redundant monitoring alerts and providing universal context to expedite troubleshooting efforts across teams – all while reducing MTTR in a hybrid environment.

Dexda uses advanced machine learning techniques to:

  • Automatically correlate and cluster related alerts through AI-powered event correlation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms
  • Add context from ServiceNow CMDB and LogicMonitor to lower service delivery costs and better manage resources
  • Customize ML models to tailor alert correlation to your enterprise needs
  • Embed actionable details in incident tickets, bridging the gap between ITOps, CloudOps and DevOps teams

Organizations that deploy Dexda can quickly centralize all monitoring and observability data through the customizable dashboards. Dexda’s enriched ServiceNow and CMBD insights add relevant content for automating incident workflows, and the tight integration with LogicMonitor reduces time to deploy while simplifying incident troubleshooting workflows.

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