LogicTalks: ATSG

LogicMonitor's Michael Tarbet and Scott Mayer of ATSG meeting on LogicTalks

In this episode of LogicTalks, Michael Tarbet, VP of Sales at LogicMonitor is joined by Scott Mayers, Sr. VP of Cloud and Managed Solutions at ATSG. The pair connect to discuss why LogicMonitor is invaluable to ATSG’s daily operations as a managed services provider. From keeping tabs on 10s of thousands of endpoints, consolidating a plethora of monitoring tools into one platform for greater visibility and ease of use, and leveraging AI powered alerting and forecasting, LogicMonitor provides ATSG with the enterprise grade SaaS monitoring solution to it needs to support its customers 24/7, worldwide. Michael and Scott also discuss how the partnership between the two companies enables continuous feedback and innovation, meeting customer’s unique business challenges head-on.

Video Transcription

Michael Tarbet – Welcome everyone to another edition of LogicMonitor’s LogicTalks. A conversation if you will, with industry experts and innovative companies to dive into the topics and technologies that make IT so crucial to modern businesses. My name is Michael Tarbet and I’m the vice president of sales with LogicMonitor. And today I have a very special guest Scott Mayers, senior vice president of rediCloud and redi Managed Services with ATSG. ATSG is a managed service provider in New York City who has really become one of LogicMonitor’s premier customers. Scott, it’s fantastic to have you join us today.

Scott Mayers – Well, thank you so much Michael for having me. Really appreciate it.

Michael Tarbet – Well, thank you. It’s good to see you and good to have a chance to visit with you today. Let’s jump right on in and get started Scott. Why don’t you give the audience a bit of a background on ATSG? I know your team is fantastic. We’ve been working with you for several years. You help clients modernize and you’re helping them reap the full benefits of the cloud. But tell us more.

Scott Mayers – Sure, Thank you. Again, thank you for having me today. I appreciate it. ATSG is a tech enabled, managed it service provider and we provide a diverse portfolio of solutions out to our customers, that enables them to have digital transformation and tangible business value to our customers. We offer a complete range of solutions around the life cycle of IT services from sourcing and professional services to managed services. We take very pragmatic technology adoption programs, leading edge partnerships and dynamic service innovations, coupled around automation and continuous service improvement. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and we’ve provided our customers with predictable results and outcomes for always on service operations in engineering and project management offices, global delivery footprint. And we focus our business around really three main business lines, our rediTech, our rediSecure and our rediManage. Our rediTech is our consulting services, architecture engineering and implementation, where we do things such as digital workplace, enterprise networking, business applications, unified communication, productivity and collaboration, as well as server and cloud offerings. Our rediSecure offering is really around comprehensive cybersecurity for today’s digital environments. Security consulting as well as security operations are right in the forefront of what we do. And last but not least is our rediManage which really focuses around enterprise global managed services, both private public and hybrid cloud solutions, as well as our TSaaS offering, which is our technology solutions as a service, offers integrated solutions around rapid implementation and ROI for our customers as a service. Okay, so within our rediManage, we focus on things such as enterprise service desk, remote infrastructure management, end point and site management, application monitoring and management, data protection and multi-cloud solutions.

Michael Tarbet – That’s fantastic. Scott, you’re doing a lot of things there for your clients.

Scott Mayers – We are, we keep busy that’s for sure.

Michael Tarbet – Well, think about how does ATSG use LogicMonitor specifically? I believe you’re managing up to close to 10,000 nodes today in your platform.

Scott Mayers – Yeah, well. Well over 10,000 at this point, and about to be many more through our recent acquisitions. LogicMonitor has really gave us the ability to gain full visibility for our network’s systems applications, cloud resources, as well as the data centers. And particularly also our IOT devices all within a single unified view. One of the nice things about LogicMonitor is the APIs and the well-documented APIs that allow us to seamlessly integrate our AI squared which is our platform or ATSG intelligent IT platform. It’s our best in class integrated digital transformation and automation platform, that we provide IT service management and IT operations solutions through it.

Michael Tarbet – Scott, you’ve been a LogicMonitor customer for quite some time. Can you think back and talk to me about why your organization selected LogicMonitor, and were there are certain business challenges or initiatives that you were trying to address at that point?

Scott Mayers – Sure. That’s a great question. When I joined ATSG, we had several tools and tool sets in place for both internal and for our customers. One of my priorities was to really build a platform to eliminate tool sprawl, for our internal teams to leverage as well as our customers who would provide best of breed solutions coupled with a repeatable governed process. A foundational component of that was our monitoring platform. As a managed services provider, we examined most of the monitoring tool sets in the marketplace. It was important for us to find a company that met our core requirements. These included things such as a robust tool capable of monitoring everything from everywhere from a single platform. So you could see we had high expectations so we can manage our customers internally, our customers as well as our internal systems holistically. Enterprise grade was very important for us and reliability, as we monitor critical systems 24 by seven, by always. Quick and non-intrusive deployment model that’s secure, managed centrally without the need to install systems software on client systems.

Michael Tarbet – Yeah.

Scott Mayers – Light bandwidth requirements, across land and wide area links. Real-time dashboards and flexible reporting was very key to us as well. AI powered warnings and alerting capabilities, synthetic transactions, cloud and platform as a service monitoring from public clouds such as Amazon Microsoft and Google was important to us. The ability to create innovative integrations, scripts, data sources to keep up with innovation was clearly something that was near and dear to us. And most importantly, really to me, is a flexible and responsive partner organization that’s forward thinking and matches our core values within our organization. And I think that we found that with LogicMonitor

Michael Tarbet – Well, thank you Scott. Our partnership means a lot to us and we’ve been very excited to work with your team. But let’s think about kind of coming at this from a different angle. Why do customers choose to work with ATSG? So if you could talk about some of the really mission critical things that your organization provides and I know just from interactions with you and your team, that your reputation is there, you have a lot of pride in continuous uptime and business agility and business continuity, but talk more about why do your customers come to you?

Scott Mayers – Well, I think it’s multifaceted to be honest with you. We provide exceptional customer services and experiences to our customers. I think that’s really critical. Our long-term relationships with our customers. We provide, we offer really four pillars of our value proposition that we advertise out. Our client intimacy, delivery excellence, thoughtful innovation and people development. We achieve these really with our people, our process and our technology. Our people, we have a global delivery footprint. I believe that we have some of the smartest, most dedicated professionals in the industry with years of experience. Our process where ITIL driven based framework, we provide governance with our management and service delivery professionals. We’re always striving for continuously improving. And our technology. We talked a little bit about our AI squared platform, but that’s, runs deep within our organization and so we provide obviously that technology. Our customers are always looking at us for innovative solutions, whether we’re monitoring temperatures within critical healthcare systems, refrigerators to monitor vaccines or medicines, to making sure that a cash register at a retail organization is able to ring up that next sale for you. We have that covered within ATSG and we utilize LogicMonitor at the core of that to help assist in some of those areas.

Michael Tarbet – That’s fantastic. So, spanning the gamut from temperatures of vaccines all the way to POS systems.

Scott Mayers – Absolutely.

Michael Tarbet – And many things in between.

Scott Mayers – Very much so.

Michael Tarbet – Very much Scott, when you think of a better experience to your customers and that means a lot, but what role does LogicMonitor play into that equation of delivering that better experience?

Scott Mayers – LogicMonitor has helped us being very flexible to collect and display that data from virtually any type of device or monitoring scenario. They really provided us with a portal to provide our customers for both granular and for real-time and historical data about their devices as well as their business applications, which is critical. When you think about it, the way that things were, is, I’ll make sure that this router is up or this switch or the server is up, but today that’s not really good enough. What we really try to do is focus on those business applications and being able to provide insight of how that’s affecting our customer’s business. So we’re able to do that with LogicMonitor, as well as providing intelligent data forecasting, predictive alerts and robust visualization of that data to really able to us to be proactive in our solutions as well as being forward-thinking in our recommendations out to customers.

Michael Tarbet – That’s great. That’s great. What growth have you seen since using LogicMonitor and are there any specific ROI or metrics that you can think of, that are associated with that growth?

Scott Mayers – Sure. Well, we’ve been very fortunate. ATSG has seen quarter over quarter growth for the past couple of years. With the help of our drive and determination of our employees and our loyal customer base, we continue to grow both organically and through acquisition. LogicMonitor has really been instrumental as a partner to help us drive through the success. We’ve consolidated over eight monitoring platforms and point solutions to a single interface, driving greater visibility. We were able to consolidate metrics, really reduce operating costs. LogicMonitor and ATSG continue to innovate together through our deep integration with our development teams as well.

Michael Tarbet – Great. So, Scott I think as we near the end of 2020, we will all share that it has been a year to remember. A year-

Scott Mayers – Yeah, hopefully.

Michael Tarbet – A year of new normals and hopefully continuing to see good progress. But man, I tell you, the year has certainly caused a tremendous amount of changes in the way that we operate as businesses. So, can you speak to how the current world events changed your business operations, and how has it changed how you serve your customers?

Scott Mayers – Sure. I mean, it’s hard to speak about 2020 without talking about the pandemic, right?

Michael Tarbet – Yeah.

Scott Mayers – Our platform’s really built from the ground up for a work from anywhere type of model and its foundation and core. Although we look forward to a day that we can all be at our delivery centers and they’re fully open and bustling with professionals. We were able to really switch to a full remote work from anywhere solution to keep our employees and customers safe without skipping a beat. We’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with our customers, and continue to assist them with their business challenges, whether they’re in the healthcare or retail space or other verticals. Each of our customer has unique business challenges. Some are thriving and growing while others are really contracting and weathering the storm. But regardless, we’ve really been there shoulder to shoulder with them supporting with innovative technology solutions and offering them our assistance throughout.

Michael Tarbet – Fantastic. Well, Scott, this has been great to visit with you, incredible to learn about your business and some of the incredible services that you’re providing to your customers. And we wanna thank you today for joining us.

Scott Mayers – Thank you very much. I appreciate the time

Michael Tarbet – You bet. And thanks to all of you for joining us out there as well. Remember to subscribe to LogicMonitor’s YouTube channel for the latest edition of LogicTalks, as well as other YouTube videos that you can find on our business. If you’re interested in how IT infrastructure monitoring and visibility can help your organization, swing by Logicmonitor.com to get started. Thank you, and we’ll see you on the next episode of LogicTalks.