SPS Commerce: Video Case Study

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Company profile:
SPS Commerce is a cloud-based supply chain management software that runs the world’s largest retail network. They process over 2 billion dollars a day in gross merchandise value. There are over 200 people on their technology staff and they manage about 800 production servers that house hundreds of applications. SPS Commerce is 501-1000 employees.

Problem LM fixed:
They needed a solution that they could deploy quickly and tie into the other services that they use.

“[With LogicMonitor] You start troubleshooting from where the issue is, so you’re not spending a lot of time trying to identify what the issue is, and you spend time fixing it instead.”
-Andy Domeier, Director Technology Operations.

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“The general out of the box aspects that come with LogicMonitor are fantastic.You really have a whole team looking at the same data. And everyone starts to collaborate and help each other to identify where there are potential outliers and where performance can be taking a hit. ”

-Andy Domeier, Director Technology Operations.

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