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Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

A configuration Management Database (CMDB) is the IT backbone for many organizations, but it's only valuable if you're working with reliable data. With thousands of devices being added across distributed systems, it's easy for a business impacting issue to slip through the cracks.

The LogicMonitor - ServiceNow CMDB and ITSM integrations eliminate the typical time-consuming data sifting across systems so you can understand how the entire ecosystem is working, from infrastructure to applications, and are immediately notified when there are changes.


Features of ServiceNow CMDB and ITSM

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increased CMDB health

single source of truth for IT Ops

Bi-directional data synchronization ensures accurate and relevant details are maintained in both LogicMonitor and ServiceNow.

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enhanced alerting and insights

identify big picture impacts

Generate meaningful visualizations as you add devices, combining data from across your infrastructure to create application-or service-specific views.

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automated device discovery

data assurance in complex environments

Newly provisioned infrastructure will always be discovered, organized and monitored – with no manual intervention required.

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extensible and customizable integration

reduce the manual effort

Build on our powerful CMDB application architecture to meet the unique needs of your business.

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alert/incident lifecycle management

focus on active and critical issues

Deliver intelligent alerts in real-time to the people and systems that drive your IT services.

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intelligent alerting

drive better business decisions

Contextual alerts reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and drive better business decisions.

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bi-directional incident management functions

reduce dedicated man-hours

Technicians can acknowledge alerts without leaving ServiceNow, reducing training time and enhancing operation efficiency.

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