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Our world-class team of IT experts combine expertise
and experience in a product that IT Ops teams love.

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What We Believe


We believe in delivering optimal performance to our customers through our product.

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People Come First

We're IT engineers and professionals too, so we work to deliver an experience you'll love.


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Experience Matters

We let our collective expertise guide us in staying ahead of the curve with monitoring.


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A team founded by engineers.

We collectively bring decades of experience as IT engineers and professionals, and we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of IT teams.

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Our Vision

We're in the midst of an information revolution, and monitoring is at the center of it. Businesses are moving from asking, "What happened?" to predicting what's coming, solving problems before they start and using data to unlock opportunities. At LogicMonitor, we're committed to expanding what's possible for businesses by advancing their technology. After all, monitoring shouldn't just help businesses see what's in front of them—it should create new ways for them to grow.

Here's how we live our vision:

Turn It On

Today, monitoring keeps the world of business turning. LogicMonitor comprehensively monitors infrastructures, from on-premises to the cloud. Within minutes, we make it possible for businesses to advance their technology, ensuring airline passengers aren't stranded due to system outages, food stays at safe temperatures and spinning wheels don't interrupt our favorite streaming shows.

Turn the Dial

We believe monitoring should do more than visualize today's information—it should open up new ways for businesses to grow. We go above and beyond to empower our customers, seeking to be the most extensible monitoring platform in the world. When our customers can solve problems before they start, they can move their focus from maintenance to innovation.

Turn the Corner

As artificial intelligence and machine learning turn from sci-fi promises to everyday realities, our technology is enabling businesses to see what's coming before it happens. We collaborate closely with our customers to understand their risks and anticipate their needs, providing insights that unlock their vision.