2016 Updates from LogicMonitor UK

We’re only two months into 2016 and there is already a lot to report from LogicMonitor UK! For those of you that weren’t aware, LogicMonitor made some large investments late last year in its European expansion so that we can better serve our current customers in the UK/EU market. From launching our UK data center, to opening our new office in the heart of London, we’ve been rather busy!

To celebrate and encourage this UK/EU growth, our CEO, Kevin McGibben, and Founder/Chief Product Officer, Steve Francis, came out for our UK Kickoff event in Southwark earlier this month. Our current and prospective UK customer base came to the Kickoff to meet with and hear from Kevin and Steve about the details of our EU expansion, along with product and company updates. The event was very well-attended (about double last year’s attendees) and jam-packed with product tips & tricks, customer use-case stories, audience Q&A, and general networking amongst all attendees. It was a great opportunity for our Executives and myself to get face time with our UK team and customer base, as well update everyone on all of the exciting things we have coming in 2016.

In terms of overall company development, our new London-based team has had an immediate impact on LogicMonitor’s strategic growth. LogicMonitor can now better support our Managed Services Provider (MSP) partners with custom project management and customer on-boarding with the support of our UK team. The results of these improved services were touched on by Ed Jackson, OSS Manager at Redcentric, who spoke at our UK Kickoff event. Ed’s group has been busy leveraging LogicMonitor’s wide breadth of coverage to displace many of its legacy monitoring toolsets. With the LM team in full support, Redcentric has seen great adoption of LogicMonitor throughout its customer footprint and has been able to retire several tools in the process.

Building off of our quick growth in the UK, the LogicMonitor team added several new members just this past week resulting in our third office change in 4 months. It’s a good thing that we pack light! Our new office is located in a beautiful corner aspect overlooking Shoreditch in East London. Despite what the team may tell you, the new building’s proximity to my personal residence had nothing to do with the move…

As if doubling the size of our team this week wasn’t enough, we also already held a small presence at Cisco Live EMEA in Berlin, Germany this year! This event helped us catch up on the latest trends in network converged infrastructure technologies and understand where the market is leaning in major investment areas, such as cloud and mobile. Berlin is a great backdrop for the event as it’s not often LM’ers get to experience snow!

Cisco Live is only one of several major industry events LogicMonitor will be attending this year, so be sure to catch us as we spread the SaaS monitoring message across the UK and Europe in future events. We will also be conducting Lunch & Learns and smaller customer-centric events along the way, so stay tuned on that front.

As you can see, there is a lot going on around LogicMonitor UK these days. Please do let us know if you are in the London area and would like to drop in to see the team. We are always more than happy to spend some time with you and answer any questions you may have, or just play some ping pong in the conference room 🙂