Twilio and LogicMonitor: Better Together!

LogicMonitor is excited to announce that you can now monitor your Twilio voice and messaging traffic using LogicMonitor – with all the automation and ease of use that LogicMonitor brings to the rest of your infrastructure.

LogicMonitor will automatically detect all the Twilio resource categories in use (automatically adjusting as you add or discontinue different resource types).  It will plot the rate of usage of the different resources, as well as the total usage and cost on a month by month basis, giving you greater insight and visibility into how your app is using the Twilio system. Automatic overviews of the top 10 Twilio resource types across different dimensions (cost, usage and count) as well as detailed data about each resource provide a complete view of your account.

LogicMonitor uses Twilio itself, for the delivery of native SMS and voice calls for alerting, acknowledgement, and escalation (just a few of the delivery mechanisms available.) In fact, the integration with the Twilio API was driven by LogicMonitor’s own need to track usage in real time – then it was a natural to roll out the functionality to our customer base, many of whom are SaaS providers also using Twilio.

If you’re already a LogicMonitor customer, and want to roll out the Twilio monitoring – details are here.

If you are not a LogicMonitor customer, but use Twilio and are looking for a better way to monitor it and the rest of your hardware and software infrastructure – check us out.