Configuration Management

LM Config™ allows users to automatically detect changes, manage, alert on, and restore configuration files for any device.

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Improve Efficiency and Reduce Mean Time to Repair

LM Config drives efficiency by automatically discovering, storing, and monitoring changes to device configurations.

  • Speed up service problem resolution by correlating configuration changes with performance data.
  • Enable DevOps with a “Trust but Verify” approach — alert on configuration changes the same way you alert on performance metrics.
  • Consolidate tools and put configuration management in the same window as your infrastructure monitoring.
  • Strengthen infrastructure with the ability to review and restore previous configurations.
  • Maintain standardization and compliance policies even as your business scales in size and complexity.

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Tech Specs that Drive Outcomes

LM Config gives users the ability to monitor, save, manage, alert on, and restore configuration files for any device.

  • Automated Setup


  • Unified Monitoring


  • Alert on Changes


  • Configuration History


  • Monitor Distributed Environments


  • Disaster Recovery


  • LM Config

    Automated Setup

    • Import a device into LogicMonitor and we’ll use ActiveDiscovery to pull the configuration file (including serial numbers and encryption settings), establish alert criteria, and more.

    LM Config

    Unified Monitoring

    • Consolidate tools and decrease MTTR by putting configuration monitoring and performance monitoring in the same window. Correlate a device's configuration changes with performance impacts.

    LM Config

    Alerting on Changes or Policy Violations

    • Maintain conformity and compliance across a complex and distributed infrastructure.

    LM Config

    Configuration History

    • View previously saved configurations without having to log into individual devices.

    LM Config

    Works Across Multiple Data Centers or Customer Locations

    • LM Config lets enterprises track and manage configuration data across distributed environments, including multiple data center locations. It also allows service providers to manage configurations across multiple customer locations and networks.

    LM Config

    Disaster Recovery

    • Recover more quickly in an outage by using LM Config to access saved device configurations.

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Help IT Deliver Outcomes, Not Bottlenecks

Partner with the only monitoring solution that drives transformation.

  • Invest resources in key business initiatives by freeing up teams bogged down by monitoring and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Flag policy violations when they happen and update or restore configurations on the fly without bringing development to a standstill.
  • Use LogicMonitor’s built-in automation and intelligence to manage configurations with a platform that scales and evolves with your business.


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”LogicMonitor is an amazing product that provides us great visibility into our network.”

Shafiek Peck

Lead Network Engineer, Zendesk

”With LogicMonitor, you look at your dashboard and see exactly how the underlying systems are behaving with your application.”

Mick England

DevOps Manager, Cengage Learning

“LogicMonitor installed quickly and immediately identified issues hidden from our existing systems. It's a must have.”

David Devault

Director, Operations, iControl Networks

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