Comprehensive, Automated Infrastructure Monitoring

Visibility and Flexibility for your infrastructure. Instantly.

Monitor Everything, Everywhere.

LogicMonitor provides full visibility into complex, hybrid infrastructure, offering granular performance monitoring and actionable data and insights.

  • Critical visibility into the latest technologies
  • Insights and intelligence for daily operations and business strategy
  • Comprehensive aerial views with customizable graphs and dashboards
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Full Data Center Visibility

Library of over 1000 pre-built monitoring templates provides automated discovery, monitoring, and alerting for everything from AIX to VMware, Kafka to Tomcat.

Network Flow Data

Collect Netflow, J-Flow, and S-Flow data and view it in the context of infrastructure performance.

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Network Device Configurations

Collect and manage network device configurations, and correlate changes with performance impacts.

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Flexible Alerting

  • Alerts are preconfigured with thresholds using best practices to get monitoring up and running quickly, but can easily be tuned on a global, group, or object level.
  • Route alerts to different teams based on severity, device, technology, datapoint, groups, or even time of day.
  • Escalate alerts through teams using custom escalation intervals.
  • Respond directly to alerts (via email, SMS, voice) to acknowledge, schedule downtime, or escalate.
  • Unlimited alerting via email, SMS, voice calls, webhooks, and integrations.
  • Connect LogicMonitor to Service Management tools like ServiceNow, communication tools like Slack and HipChat, or incident notification tools like PagerDuty.

Complete Visibility into AWS

Combine AWS CloudWatch metrics, synthetic transactions, and custom metrics with visibility into your on-premises infrastructure for a complete view into hybrid environments.

Website and Service Checks

External Website Performance

Measure, visualize, and alert on availability and performance of websites through multiple steps, from multiple locations around the globe.

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Powerful, Real-time Dashboards

  • Combine data from any part of your infrastructure to create application- or service-specific views.
  • Built-in intelligence pulls meaningful data from hundreds of systems to provide useful insights. For example, poll your entire networking infrastructure and generate a Top 10 Interfaces graph.
  • Powerful visualizations let you present data the way your audience wants to see it. Charts, graphs, tables, and more!
  • Create shared and private dashboards, control with role-based access control, and automate the sending of dashboard reports.


  • A variety of standard reports to simplify management and operational reviews.
  • Advanced reporting allows you to create customized report templates, with embedded macros, and format reports in the way that works best for your business.

Deploy Rapidly. Monitor Efficiently.

LogicMonitor leverages built-in automation and intelligence to anticipate the needs of the modern enterprise.

  • Quick and reliable compatibility with thousands of technologies
  • Monitoring that can scale with your business
  • Speed and automation to free up resources for more strategic projects
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Network Scanning

  • Execute ad hoc or scheduled sweeps to automatically discover network devices.
  • Filter devices by properties or AWS tags, and automate grouping.
  • Manage multiple Netscan policies for distributed environments.

Complete REST API

  • The LogicMonitor API allows you to programmatically query and manage your LogicMonitor resources: dashboards, devices, reports, services, alerts, collectors, DataSources, SDTs, and more.
  • LogicMonitor’s API lets you programmatically administer your infrastructure monitoring, letting users easily extract performance data to use in other applications like reporting tools, communication platforms, and orchestration systems.

Automated Device Configuration

  • LogicMonitor detects what to monitor, what to graph, and what to alert on, automatically, to give you intelligent, actionable monitoring.
  • Keep your monitoring current in the face of change. Add a volume, container, or interface and LogicMonitor will automatically detect it and start collecting metrics.

Support from the Experts

  • Live support available 24 hours a day for direct access to support engineers.
  • Professional Services to help you deploy and leverage LogicMonitor in the most effective way possible.
  • Vibrant user Community Forum to help you connect with and query our other amazing customers and LogicMonitor experts.

Flexible, Future-ready Monitoring

LogicMonitor partners with organizations to help them confidently navigate through complex IT transformation.

  • Designed to handle today’s infrastructure and ready to handle tomorrow’s with built-in extensibility.
  • Whether you’re migrating to a hybrid cloud model, or you’re already leveraging containerization, you can choose the technical framework that propels your business forward without wondering if your monitoring can keep up.
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Data Retention

We store every datapoint for up to two years. No aggregation, no loss. Visualize long term trends and patterns or drill down to individual data samples.

Role-Based Access Control

Granular role-based access control allows you to fully customize user privileges to device groups, dashboards, reports, API data, and more.

Audit Log

  • The audit log tracks user actions making it easy to see key changes, such as when an alert threshold was changed and who changed it.
  • Fully exportable, available via the API, and searchable.
  • Automated audit reports can summarize and deliver important events.


Use historical data to graph projections with a simple click. Forecast when alert thresholds will be crossed, allowing for planned growth.

Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Integrate directly with your enterprise SAML provider to simplify user administration and take advantage of all of your identity provider’s security features and efficiencies.
  • Integrate with any SAML 2.0 provider, including Microsoft ADFS, or take advantage of our out-of-the-box compatibility with OneLogin, PingIdentity, Centrify, Bitium and Okta.
  • Enhance security by requiring two-factor authentication. Any user can opt into two-factor authentication and administrators can require it at the account, role, or user level.

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