MySQL Monitoring

No monitoring system makes it easier to monitor MySQL and the rest of your infrastructure than LogicMonitor. Skip the hours manually configuring and maintaining other MySQL monitoring systems. With no configuration, you will have MySQL performance trending graphs and alerts on:

  • Numbers & types of operations (selects, updates, inserts, rollbacks, etc)
  • Cache hit rates and sizing recommendations
  • Query response times
  • Table scans and index usage
  • Temporary disk tables
  • Abnormal connection events
  • Replication status
  • and more

Just a few of the critical MySQL metrics we monitor:

MySQL Query Cache

One of the more important elements for database tuning, LogicMonitor tracks your query cache hit ratio, as well as trending the activity. LogicMonitor’s intelligent multi-variable alerts can analyze and recommend different tuning options for the query cache – enlarging it, reducing it, or disabling it, in response to your usage.

MySQL Tablescans

An essential metric to trend over time – watching your table scan rates can tell you whether indexes are being used effectively, or whether the new application your team released is slowing the database due to the spike in table scans.

MySQL InnoDB statistics

LogicMonitor will detect the storage engines in use and track detailed statistics. Being able to see trends in "InnoDB buffer cache misses over time" is essential for proper MySQL tuning. (LogicMonitor even detects if you are using the Percona builds of InnoDB and adds monitoring for that).

Available LogicModules:

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