VMware Monitoring

Virtualization allows the rapid provisioning of systems. LogicMonitor reduces your workload by automating the monitoring of these systems.

Monitoring VMware ESX server or vSphere with LogicMonitor’s hosted solution is easy: all you need to do is enter the Virtual Center or ESX server host name, and all information about your ESX infrastructure will be discovered. LogicMonitor automatically discovers and monitors all:

  • ESX hosts
  • datastores
  • virtual machines
  • resource pools
  • hardware health

By using the VMware native API to query ESX performance counters, LogicMonitor provides a wealth of performance data and intelligence, offering unmatched visibility into the VMware environment.

LogicMonitor can discover and monitor the full array of your virtual network: the VMware environment, the VMs' operating systems, the applications running on VMs (such as IIS, MySQL, Apache, etc), and the performance metrics of the storage arrays backing datastores. As a result, LogicMonitor allows you to correlate performance issues and bottlenecks regardless of the issue's location within your infrastructure.

Just a few of the critical VMware metrics we monitor:

VMware host metrics

Monitor VMware metrics for all your hosts and see at-a-glance critical graphs of memory usage, swap rate, CPU load, disk latency, and more. Predefined best practices alerts warn you of impending issues that can affect your virtual machines, and provide recommendations without you having to be an expert in VMware monitoring.

VMware virtual machine monitoring

Detect all your virtual machines, and monitor them automatically. Graph CPU load, network, memory usage, VMkernel swap rates, ballooning, and more. Detailed statistics and alerts let you track VM performance issues quickly and easily.

VMware virtual machine overview

When you want to head off performance issues, LogicMonitor will show all your virtual machines at a glance and let you see how each is impacting Disk IO, Memory, and CPU resources of the underlying ESX host. Know which machines are slowing and why.

ESX and ESXi hardware monitoring

An ESXi host with many virtual machines is critically important. LogicMonitor’s VMware monitoring system discovers and monitors the hardware supporting your ESX infrastructure, so you know of issues before they affect your users. Is your power redundant? Has one power supply failed, and a single failure will now take your host down? With LogicMonitor, you’ll know.

Add LogicMonitor’s powerful monitoring of Linux, Windows, and applications on virtual machines, and you’ve got your VMware monitoring issues solved. Get away from silos of management tools. Get LogicMonitor.

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