1 Billion metrics monitored a day!

Looking for some Friday fun, we decided to run a quick analysis of the number of metrics we monitor (geeky!)

We found that we are monitoring 1 billion metrics a day from 13 million streams of data! That’s about 11,600 metrics per second that we’re analyzing, sorting and presenting to our customers.  Data galore.

Can you imagine the amount of data we are analyzing while you’re reading this post and we’re getting started with our Friday happy hour? We got pretty excited about that.

All those servers, websites, networks, databases, virtual machines and applications, just love to tell us about their performance.. and we love to listen to all of them.

What’s even more exciting is to see our historic metric growth and realize that 1 billion metrics a day is nothing compared to the amount of data that our customers will have at their fingertips in the future. Inspiring!

Happy Friday.