Announcing the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor

Announcing the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor

We are pleased to announce another integration with one of our strategic partners, ServiceNow

Available today with the launch of ServiceNow’s Paris release, LogicMonitor supports the Service Graph Connector! LogicMonitor was selected by ServiceNow as a key player and one of the first monitoring platforms invited to this new, exclusive program. 

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Improvements to the LogicMonitor ServiceNow CMDB Integration 

In true ServiceNow fashion, the Paris release today is loaded with new features across their product portfolio, including major upgrades for managing the increasingly important and complex CMDB.

Service Graph Connector evolves the ServiceNow CMDB beyond inventory and asset management. This allows users to streamline data collection across systems so that they can understand how the entire ecosystem is working at a glance, from infrastructure to applications, and then be immediately notified when changes occur. 

Inbound synchronization now uses Data Sources, Identification Rules, and Robust Transformations instead of Import Sets and Transform Maps. Along with that, all LogicMonitor data is now stored in a related data table, rather than extending base ServiceNow classes.

The LogicMonitor Service Graph Connector acts as a single source of truth for IT assets that are correlated to your alerting stream, significantly reducing mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) for critical incidents. 

With the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector in LogicMonitor, you will be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of overall service health: The Service Graph Connector allows users to monitor, visualize, and alert on the health of overall services rather than the health of individual monitored devices, ultimately increasing visibility into the whole ecosystem
  • Sync bi-directional data: Deliver a single source of truth with real-time, accurate, and relevant details maintained in both LogicMonitor and ServiceNow. Not only does this encourage collaboration between IT Ops and Service Management, but it also helps improve overall CMDB health.
  • Enhance alerting and insight: Generate meaningful dashboards as you add devices, combining data from across your infrastructure to create application or service-specific views. When you are able to visualize service dependencies and identify big picture impacts and anomalies, you can focus on incidents with the greatest impact on the business. CMDB data quality is further improved with Service Graph Connector with enhanced Identification and Reconciliation engine (IRE) in ServiceNow.
  • Customize based on business needs: No IT environment is the same, so we make it easy to build on our powerful CMDB application architecture to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • Leverage guided setup: With the new guided setup feature, users are able to get up and running quickly with an easy to follow checklist for setup 

To support these enhancements, a new dependency is required for the Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor, including the ITOM Discovery license from ServiceNow. This is available for customers to download from the ServiceNow Plugin module. 

The Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor is just the next step in strengthening our partnership with ServiceNow and continuing our product innovation for our mutual customers. Visit our store listing if you’d like to learn more about our ServiceNow integrations and it’s features and requirements. If you would like to request a free trial, sign-up here