Going for the Gold – Monitoring the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

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The 2018 Olympic games have proven to be exciting, featuring ground-breaking athletic feats, new world records, and unprecedented diplomacy (two countries that are normally mortal enemies playing under the same flag!).

The 2018 games are coming to a close, but it’s not too late to get in on the action. We created a one stop shop dashboard for Olympic data (using LogicMonitor, of course).

The dashboard includes:

  • Medal count by country
  • Historical all time medal standings by country
  • Pyeongchang temperature and weather conditions
  • NBC website performance
Winter Olympics information from LogicMonitor
Click the image above to see the Olympics dashboard!

With LogicMonitor, you can monitor data from anywhere and display it in a beautiful, easy to consume dashboard. We’ve used it to monitor the (Star Wars) resistance, BBQs, beer taps and more!

Special thanks to Andrey Kitsen for building the dashboard.

Madeline Stack

Madeline Stack is an employee at LogicMonitor.

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