Going for the Gold – Monitoring the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

The 2018 Olympic games have proven to be exciting, featuring ground-breaking athletic feats, new world records, and unprecedented diplomacy (two countries that are normally mortal enemies playing under the same flag!).

The 2018 games are coming to a close, but it’s not too late to get in on the action. We created a one stop shop dashboard for Olympic data (using LogicMonitor, of course).

The dashboard includes:

  • Medal count by country
  • Historical all time medal standings by country
  • Pyeongchang temperature and weather conditions
  • NBC website performance
Winter Olympics information from LogicMonitor
Click the image above to see the Olympics dashboard!

With LogicMonitor, you can monitor data from anywhere and display it in a beautiful, easy to consume dashboard. We’ve used it to monitor the (Star Wars) resistance, BBQs, beer taps and more!

Special thanks to Andrey Kitsen for building the dashboard.