Introducing Kubernetes Monitoring by LogicMonitor

Monitoring the dynamic topology of Kubernetes clusters introduces a new challenge for operations folks. In the automated, self-healing of world of Kubernetes how do you keep up with temporary infrastructure, identify what is important, and find out what has changed?

Kubernetes monitoring

LogicMonitor recently announced support for Kubernetes monitoring with the beta launch of its new, open source Kubernetes monitoring solution, Argus. LogicMonitor customers using Argus can now troubleshoot any issues regardless of origin, from physical components located in a datacenter to ephemeral, containerized resources.

With Argus, LogicMonitor automatically discovers nodes, services, namespaces and pods, and manages the lifecycle of each in a LogicMonitor account. Some of the key features include:

  • Automated Management: of Kubernetes events to provide real-time reflection of cluster services, pods and containers
  • Automated Device Management: discovers etcd nodes, cluster nodes, Kubernetes services and automates the management of their lifecycle in LogicMonitor.
  • Automated Device Property Management: discovers Kubernetes resource metadata and maps them to Device Properties.

Check out the open source project here:

Going to VMworld 2017? Make sure to join LogicMonitor Founder and Chief Evangelist, Steve Francis as he describes the operational challenges that led to the creation of Kubernetes monitoring during his speaking session on August 30, 2017 at 1pm at Islander G, Lower Level.