LogicMonitor Acquires Unomaly to Enhance Observability, Help IT Pinpoint Log Issues Faster and Drive Intelligent Action

Happy New Year! We’re starting 2020 by sharing some exciting news. Today we announced that LogicMonitor has acquired Unomaly, an AIOps-centric logs analytics company headquartered in Stockholm!

Unomaly’s technology focuses on the automatic detection of log anomalies to support fast, accurate root cause analysis in complex IT environments. Additionally, Unomaly’s technology helps DevOps teams derive insights from unexpected events in order to optimize and refine continuous delivery approaches. While enhancing IT performance visibility, teams can ingest unlimited log data without exponential increases in cost.

IT Operations teams struggle to make data from traditional log management solutions insightful or actionable. Log management products collect data for compliance, security or regulatory needs, but those same solutions don’t provide capabilities to make sense of the volume, velocity or variety of data in order to provide early warning of issues. The result is that analysis is done after the fact, when users have already been negatively impacted. Unomaly’s patented and operationalized machine learning algorithms automatically surface unexpected events, missing parameters or frequent or suspicious repetitive entries — providing IT Operations and DevOps teams answers before an issue becomes a business problem.

LogicMonitor empowers our customers to easily monitor every element of observable data within modern IT infrastructures, automatically gain insight to avoid potential performance issues, and surface intelligence out of pertinent data to drive useful operations actions. Today’s IT infrastructure, applications and IT services are distributed across traditional on-prem, private and public cloud environments. Every component of the IT stack creates log file data and if this data can be intelligently analyzed and interpreted quickly, then it can be proactively used to prevent IT performance issues.

Today we are one step closer to our mission of providing holistic IT infrastructure intelligence for the modern enterprise. This acquisition accelerates further execution of our AIOps product roadmap. Through 2020, LogicMonitor will integrate Unomaly’s solution into the LogicMonitor platform.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the additional value this acquisition brings to our customers, partners and the market! If you are interested in learning more about the acquisition, please read the official press release issued today or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.


Kevin McGibben