How to Improve Operational Efficiency with LM Intelligence

Join us as we take a deeper dive into how our AIOps platform can help you accelerate workflows and drive innovation within your organization.

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Now more than ever, IT organizations are playing a more strategic role in driving critical business outcomes and accelerating innovation. This can be challenging when you are grappling with a mix of on-premises, public and private cloud, and other complex infrastructure environments, yet all eyes are on IT departments to deliver results faster while reducing costs. 

LM Intelligence can help mitigate these challenges and improve operational efficiency to deliver faster results at a lower cost, regardless of whatever type of infrastructure you have. Allowing you to free yourself from focusing on baseline “keeping the lights on” responsibilities to assume a more innovative role.

Join Sarah Terry, Sr. Director of Product Management, and Chris Sternberg, Product Manager at LogicMonitor as they take a deeper dive into how our AIOps platform can help accelerate workflows – whether in an on-prem or cloud environment – allowing you to drive innovation and digital transformation within your organization.

Today’s Speakers

Sarah Terry, Sr. Director of Product Management

Sarah has been on LogicMonitor’s product team for over 5 years, and helps drive the product roadmap. With a background in engineering, Sarah loves problem solving and applying that to product management to create products that users love.

Chris Sternberg, Product Manager

Chris Sternberg is a Product Manager for LogicMonitor and has been working in IT for over 20 years. Background in application and database development with a current focus on AIOps, APM, and unified observability for the infrastructure monitoring space.

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Thursday, March 18th