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EqualLogic provides storage without having to explicitly configure tiering, clustering, and availability. LogicMonitor’s EqualLogic monitoring is also automated. It provides configuration-free discovery and monitoring of all the components in your EqualLogic SAN, so you can be assured your storage will deliver when you need it.

With no configuration, LogicMonitor will automatically provide performance trending graphs and alerts on:

  • Every member in the group
  • Every storage pool configured
  • Every volume in every pool
  • Performance of every disk in the SAN
  • Space usage on all levels – group, member, pool and volume
  • Total throughput, operations, iSCSI connections per member
  • Per volume read and write latency, IO operations per second, snapshot usage, and throughput
  • Health checks for hardware and RAID health
  • thin provisioning usage and monitoring
  • and many more metrics.

A few examples of monitoring EqualLogic storage:

EqualLogic Volume latency

The point of a SAN is to serve files quickly and reliably. But unless you are monitoring your request latency, you won’t know if that’s the case or if you are overloading your storage. With LogicMonitor monitoring latency at the member and volume levels, you’ll know whether or not your SAN is the cause of performance issues and be able to quickly resolve them.

Dell EqualLogic Volume Latency

Volume operations

Instantly see operations per second, throughput, and latency for every volumes. But LogicMonitor doesn’t stop there – it automatically creates overview graphs, so you can see at a glance the top 10 busiest volumes or the volumes with the highest latency.

Dell EqualLogic Volume operations

Space utilization

Tracking space utilization on the group, member, pool, and volume level, LogicMonitor will make sure you are not caught short of space without warning. You’ll know when you’re volumes are at risk, whether due to a lack of snapshot reserve, or if thin provisioned volumes are approaching the autogrow limits, or their pool is low on space to allow increase of volume reserve.

Dell EqualLogic Space utilization

Disk utilization

Wondering how much room for growth you have on your existing members? LogicMonitor will track the performance of each physical disk, so you can know if you have IO capacity on existing members.

Dell EqualLogic Disk utilization

LogicMonitor also monitors the health of the EqualLogic SAN at all levels, so you’ll know if disks are failing, members are offline, RAID is reconstructing, if there are temperature issues, and more. With LogicMonitor, you will have configuration-free monitoring for your EqualLogic devices that keeps itself up to date, and can monitor the rest of your infrastructure, too. Finally.