DHCP Server

DHCP Server

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers automatically provide and assign IP addresses, default gateways, and other network parameters to client devices on your network. Most organizations today use DHCP to allocate segmented IP address scopes for varying purposes. Common problems related to DHCP, such as IP address “exhaustion,” means that users will not connect to the local network. LogicMonitor provides automated and thorough monitoring for DHCP servers, allowing you to manage your network proactively.

Agent-less and automated monitoring for DHCP

LogicMonitor provides automated and proactive monitoring for DHCP. Simply point the Collector at your DHCP server or add via NetScan, and LogicMonitor will automatically detect the DHCP service and begin monitoring for critical metrics.

Identify DHCP issues before your clients.

LogicMonitor provides out-of-the-box metrics and alerts to notify you of issues related to DHCP, such as address-utilization before they impact your clients. Pre-built graphs provide critical insights, such as the number of addresses in use broken down by scope.

Immediately alert on irregular DHCP performance.

Take advantage of LoigcMonitor’s machine-learning so that you are alerted of irregular behavior across your DHCP server while also reducing alert-noise from recognized norms.

Global overview of all DHCP servers

LogicMonitor provides pre-built dashboards for DHCP to show you all of your DHCP performance metrics on a single display. This allows you to quickly contextualize your information and drill into individual DHCP servers that require your attention.

Track DHCP configuration changes

LogicMonitor will automatically track configuration changes to your DHCP servers. You can visualize and alert on changes to the Scopes, Leases, and Options configuration-items across your DHCP servers.


Monitoring DHCP Servers is simple with LogicMonitor’s agent-less, Collector based architecture. See our Support guide on how to get up and running.

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