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LogicMonitor + Terraform

Terraform Integration Summary

The LogicMonitor Terraform Provider allows users to interact with resources supported by LogicMonitor. Using the provider, customers can easily manage complex infrastructures within LogicMonitor by automatically adding and configuring provisioned devices, device groups, and collector groups.


Saves time by automatically managing and scaling complex infrastructures resources within LogicMonitor.


  1. The LogicMonitor Terraform provider allows you to specify your company + api credentials, what hosts/hostgroups to add, and specifies which collectors monitor which hosts.
  2. Instantly spin up as many hosts as you like and they will automatically be added to the proper host groups, and dynamically deleted from LogicMonitor as soon as you delete them via Terraform.


Please note that this integration is a community sourced integration from CodeLabs. It has been reviewed by our internal technical gurus, but LogicMonitor support does not support these tools. Must be a LogicMonitor customer to utilize this integration.

Want to try it out? Find instructions for setup here