LogicMonitor Delivers Unified Observability to Address Today’s IT Data Supply Chain and Digital Business; Unveils LM Envision Platform

LogicMonitor Delivers Unified Observability to Address Today’s IT Data Supply Chain and Digital Business; Unveils LM Envision Platform

– LM Envision enables enterprises to optimize their IT data supply chain to better deliver on business objectives, and drive the IT resilience needed for digital business – 

– New innovations for APM, Logs, Cloud, and more give CIOs the confidence to act, innovate, and operate as required for success in today’s digital world –

NEW YORK CITY and SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 2, 2022LogicMonitor, the leader in observability for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs), today announced the launch of LM Envision – a SaaS-based unified observability platform that enables today’s digital enterprises to effectively deliver on business objectives, implement comprehensive visibility and help optimize their IT data supply chain. Today’s announcement was made at LM Elevate, LogicMonitor’s annual in-person conference for IT professionals and technologists, held at The Glasshouse, in New York City.

Building upon LogicMonitor’s leadership in scalable observability solutions proven across customers of all sizes and industries, LM Envision is uniquely engineered to assess the health of thousands of IT assets and applications that generate millions of operational IT data points that make up the IT data supply chain. With IT environments continuing to become more complex, LogicMonitor has delivered a highly-scalable observability platform to ingest, process and analyze massive volumes of data driving fast assessment and management of the health of the overall IT and application infrastructure of an enterprise and ensuring an efficient IT data supply chain. In addition, by helping to bring diverse IT teams and disparate systems together, CIOs and IT teams can better monitor, troubleshoot and manage modern environments, with full and comprehensive support across the entire spectrum from on-premises data centers, containers, networks, applications all the way to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Customers validate that LogicMonitor solutions are capable of troubleshooting from the infrastructure level all the way down to the application level, with extensibility that features over 2,000 integrations, out-of-the-box thresholding and logic to immediately spot trends and anomalies while establishing baselines for normal behavior on an integrated platform. This single platform approach provided by LM Envision will enable CIOs to gain cross-enterprise visibility, make enterprise-wide data-driven decisions, and deliver the support and innovation needed for today’s digital businesses, while laying the foundation for the next wave of IT innovation and digital business models.    

“IT today is all about giving businesses the confidence to act, innovate and operate as required for success in a digital world, so we firmly believe having a single platform for observability needs across the IT landscape empowers the CIO to make company-wide decisions that will deliver a resilient enterprise,” said Christina Kosmowski, CEO, LogicMonitor. “LM Envision now enables different Ops teams to come together on data and key insights, helping to address the fractured IT that CIOs are struggling to hold together. While we have purpose-built this platform for the cloud, LogicMonitor is the only vendor in this space that can claim full and comprehensive support for observability that spans customers’ IT environments from on-premises all the way to hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. With our focus on AIOps, LM Envision and our single platform vision paves the way for more exciting innovations to come, with the self-healing enterprise on the horizon.”

LM Envision Delivers New Innovation on Top of Proven Observability; Eyes Self-Healing Enterprise

LM Envision is the culmination of years-long planning and laser focused product innovation, strategy and development. Innovations announced today are laying the groundwork for the promising development of even more advanced AI-enabled IT operations (AIOps) and for addressing the increasing need to manage and optimize the IT data supply chain. This will also enable IT teams to move away from remediation to innovation, from problem resolution to new development. In keynote remarks at LM Elevate, Kosmowski said: “Modern observability platforms must extend the role of AIOps capabilities delivering a level of intelligence that can automatically understand the hidden patterns and behaviors within IT data and predict when certain anomalies will occur, setting up  corrective actions when appropriate.” She highlighted a vision for the next generation of IT solutions stating the innovation underpinning LogicMonitor’s unified observability platform sets the stage for the first vestiges of a self-healing enterprise.

New innovations announced today as part of LM Envision include:  

  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) – Enables customers to identify application bottlenecks and optimize performance, providing an external view of website and service performance through synthetic monitoring.
  • Cloud Monitoring Enhancements – Expanded coverage for cloud and container visibility and insights for AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes environments.
  • Logs Advanced Search – New query language that enables customers to use LogicMonitor as log aggregation and management, and surface logs more quickly during troubleshooting.
  • Terraform Integration – Automatically adds newly provisioned infrastructure into LogicMonitor, allowing customers to improve their existing IT ecosystem with increased speed and consistency.
  • StackStorm Integration – Automate remediation and other actions in response to LogicMonitor alerts to streamline incident response.
  • AIOps Alert Troubleshooting Context – Alert aggregation and contextual logs, topology and graphs to help customers reduce MTTR.

The LM Envision unified observability platform helps CIOs with IT-business alignment by correlating IT metrics with business metrics by adding the necessary data context within the IT data supply chain. Additional innovations that further enhance the LM Envision platform, include:

  • Push metrics API – Bringing in data from nearly any system into LogicMonitor, which can be used to add business context to dashboards, reports and more.
  • Logs modules and data sources – Provides out-of-the-box ease in data onboarding, search and analytics of key logging data sources.
  • OpenTelemetry – Incorporates business context directly into your microservices to correlate traces to the health of business services.

“To become even more competitive, we are using the cloud to build and run services with more speed and agility,” said Ray Lassiter, Sr. Director, Platform Engineering at Westrock, a global leader in paper and packaging. “As we continue our journey to the cloud, LogicMonitor has become indispensable to our IT teams. As new services come online, LogicMonitor can easily and readily monitor them. We enabled unified observability across our cloud and on-premises environments, and our teams gain a more efficient and consistent view of our operations so we can innovate fast, deliver great services and ensure they perform well for our customers and users.”

LM Envision Availability

LogicMonitor’s LM Envision unified observability platform is generally available today for new and existing customers. Existing customers, along with MSPs, can enhance their IT solutions by seamlessly adding these new innovations to their current packages.  

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