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Abrigo Maintains 99.99% Uptime With LogicMonitor

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Abrigo is a financial technology firm that provides software solutions to financial institutions in the financial crimes and credit and lending space. They offer their customers a robust product set, including hosting critical websites in their data centers.

Operating in the financial technology space, Abrigo has seen the need to provide and support software through constant evolution and innovation to meet regulatory demands, especially as they grow to support larger financial institutions.

When beginning the search for a unified observability and monitoring platform, Abrigo wanted to eliminate tool sprawl and reduce alert fatigue by finding a single solution that could help them improve uptime and customer experience while monitoring their diverse internal and customer infrastructures through a single pane of glass.

Security was a top concern, as well as avoiding vendor lock-in. They needed a platform that would improve key metrics while providing more resilience and automation.

If it wasn’t for LogicMonitor we wouldn’t know what we don’t know.

David Felmley Senior Manager – Infrastructure Engineering and Operations, Abrigo


LogicMonitor has allowed Abrigo to replace all their infrastructure monitoring, with no need for any other tools. The LM platform handles configuration management, uptime, and gives unified observability into the entirety of their tech stack including cloud monitoring.

Abrigo was impressed by the robust dashboards that allow them to not only effectively monitor their own infrastructure and resources but easily provide comprehensive, useful data to their customers.

The flexibility of the LM platform was key, with the sheer amount of integrations and data sources available, including the ability to add custom data sources to do things like query SQL databases which allows them viability into custom processes they weren’t able to monitor with other tools.

Using escalation chains within LM has reduced alert fatigue. Because LogicMonitor can comprehensively monitor everything, the smart alerts systems ensure that when there is an issue the correct person is notified and provided with the information they need to quickly resolve the problem.

Using LogicMonitor has also helped Abrigo to become more proactive in the maintenance and administration of their environment. Instead of simply responding to issues after they occur, they’re now able to use tools like historical data and forecasting to anticipate and remedy problems before they impact customers. This kind of forecasting also allows Abrigo to anticipate the need for additional resources such as new equipment, which has been key as they scale rapidly.

By adding website monitoring to their LM Platform, Abrigo is able to visualize the levels of availability for mission-critical websites. And adding cloud monitoring ensures that VMs in Azure are monitored alongside the rest of their infrastructure.

I would recommend LogicMonitor to any company that is looking to improve monitoring, and with a holistic solution that can perform a variety of different actions beyond just your uptime monitoring.

Lazaro Pereira Manager of Networking and Infrastructure Architecture, Abrigo


With uptime being a crucial measure of success, LogicMonitor has helped achieve and exceed uptime goals by providing metrics and insights into the entire environment. Abrigo can accurately report to customers that they are not only meeting but exceeding their SLAs by providing 99.99% uptime.

The efficiency of maintenance has increased, with the automated processes and escalation chains ensuring that problems are reported and resolved more quickly. Engineers no longer have to jump between tools to diagnose and solve problems. Automated discovery and the level of intelligence in the LogicMonitor platform saves engineering time, and they no longer have to laboriously collect and interpret data manually.

The availability of robust data on resources and forecasting has allowed Abrigo to scale rapidly and onboard customers more efficiently and provide them with a better experience.

An unexpected benefit, LogicMonitor has been a valuable asset in helping to establish and prove compliance, which has been especially beneficial for Abrigo in business development and pitching to potential clients.

From supporting PPP loans throughout the pandemic to consolidating a plethora of monitoring tools into one platform for greater visibility and ease of use – LogicMonitor provides Abrigo with the enterprise-grade SaaS monitoring solution it needs to support its customers 24/7, around the globe.


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The Situation

Abrigo is a developer of compliance and fraud-detection software designed to serve the banking industry by automating key processes like anti-money laundering, credit risk, fraud detection and lending services to enable clients to make safer financial decisions. They migrated away from their previous monitoring platform that left the team overloaded with alert noise. This alert fatigue led many IT members to either ignore the alerts or to simply mark them as ‘acknowledged’ without actually taking action to fix the issue. With many of those alerts going unanswered, applications were beginning to go down and there was an increased risk of complete outages. For Abrigo, if the application or outage could not be resolved within 4 hours, they would have to report this issue to Federal Regulators, such as the FTC and FDIC. If they failed to file on time, they ran the risk of turning into the subject of an FF audit and all outages that exceeded 4 hours would mean the Federal Regulators would make the situation visible to the public, affecting the company’s reputation and revenue.

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The Solution

After deciding to switch over to LogicMonitor, Abrigo also partnered with LM Professional Services to ensure their team became familiar with the platform quickly and provide a smooth onboarding process. Within a couple of months after deployment, all critical infrastructure had been added to their LM portal, including detailed dashboards that provided enhanced visibility and metrics than they previously had available. The team also set up escalation chains to mitigate alert fatigue, which allowed them to begin routing all critical alerts, while leaving the unimportant ones silenced. To continue to improve their visibility, they also built custom datasources to monitor their UNC Paths which they were previously unable to monitor.

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The Results

By implementing LogicMonitor, operations at Abrigo were running smoother than ever. The number of outages has significantly decreased, meaning the team has been able to have a positive impact on their customers since many of their operations are time sensitive. Whenever the team does encounter any strange errors or issues, they now have the necessary escalation chains and alert rules in place to jump into action quickly and efficiently. Overall, Abrigo has not had to report any outages to the FTC or FDIC since deploying LogicMonitor, which is beneficial for the team, the business and their customers.