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How Bechtle Suisse elevated IT monitoring to drive operational excellence

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IT powerhouse Bechtle Suisse, a leading IT supplier in Europe with over 1,100 Swiss professionals, faced a challenge: rapid growth through acquisitions created a fragmented IT landscape that hindered efficiency and scalability. To overcome these hurdles and solidify their position as a regional IT service leader, they turned to LogicMonitor’s unified monitoring platform.

The challenge: A fragmented IT landscape 

The integration challenges Bechtle Suisse encountered included slow Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and limited scalability due to restrictive SNMP-only monitoring coverage. These issues affected service quality and constrained the company’s potential for growth.

The solution: Implementing LogicMonitor for streamlined monitoring and improved service delivery

Bechtle Suisse turned to LogicMonitor, seeking a robust platform capable of seamless integration across diverse IT environments and scalable enough to support an expanding customer base.

Partnering with LogicMonitor transformed Bechtle Suisse’s IT monitoring. Jérôme Toulet, Innovation and Process Manager, noted significant improvements, particularly in incident handling and Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivery. The platform’s extensive metrics per device enabled quicker and more accurate root cause analyses, enhancing overall service reliability.

The adoption of LogicMonitor led to a 50% reduction in customer onboarding times and administrative tasks, optimizing resource allocation and accelerating deployment processes.

Strategic advancements and future integration plans

Looking forward, Bechtle Suisse is set to leverage LogicMonitor further to enhance their competitive edge in the IT service market. Plans include expanding monitoring and reporting capabilities and integrating new technologies into their service offerings. This proactive and automated approach to service management will allow Bechtle Suisse to efficiently meet emerging IT trends and technologies, ensuring continued leadership in the IT services sector.