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Cello Communications Modernises Its Monitoring Approach and Achieves Rapid Growth with Cloud-Based LogicMonitor Platform

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)


Cello Communications provides managed services to more than 450 companies across New Zealand. Cello has a team of passionate specialist architects and engineers who work with businesses to understand their requirements, strategy, and direction in order to best assist them. Cello was formed in early 2020 when IT services company, Computer Concepts Limited (CCL), sold the operational parts of its network services division in a management buyout. Cello covers the full suite of network services, from WAN/SD-WAN and Internet to LAN, WiFi, and cloud connectivity.

With the global push towards digital transformation, the IT landscape is changing rapidly with cloud and SaaS adoption top-of-mind for many companies. Businesses today often have ten or more monitoring and visibility tools, which can lead to alert noise, gaps in monitoring, and ultimately, delays in identifying, responding to, and solving problems. Prior to becoming Cello, CCL had been using an on-premises solution to monitor its customers’ networks. But with such rapid technological changes taking place, they soon grew out of their legacy solution and started looking for a comprehensive monitoring platform that could scale with their growth, provide visibility, and offer up an easy, intuitive, and customer-friendly interface.


They wanted to make the switch to a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring solution. After seeing a LogicMonitor demo at the CiscoLive US conference, they decided to implement the LogicMonitor platform. The business chose to bring LogicMonitor with them to Cello after the management buyout. “We wanted a mature partner that could grow with us, and LogicMonitor was a great fit,” explained Falko Weber, Chief Operating Officer at Cello Communications. “LogicMonitor is a well-built and intuitive solution with a customer-facing toolset. Bringing it over was a no brainer.”

We now have visibility into issues we didn’t even know we had before, and our engineers spend less time sifting through alerts and data and get to the root cause of a client’s issue quickly.

Falko Weber Chief Operating Officer, Cello Communications


Using LogicMonitor’s cloud-based infrastructure monitoring platform has allowed Cello to scale its business rapidly. A cloud platform means there are no overhead costs of managing the environment. “When Cello initially onboarded LogicMonitor as our primary client monitoring platform, we had around 1,500 devices. We are now monitoring 3,300 with LogicMonitor. This growth was not possible with our last monitoring tool,” said Weber.

LogicMonitor’s intuitive platform has saved time for Cello’s engineering team. Training time for engineers has decreased by 50% and teams are able to access self-serve insights, rather than relying on an engineer. Root cause analysis saves engineers time by automatically identifying issues. “With the move to LogicMonitor, we were able to change how we monitored our services by configuring the platform to deliver far more accurate and useful alerts,” explained Weber. “You get peace of mind with LogicMonitor. We have visibility into issues we didn’t know we had before, and our engineers spend less time sifting through alerts and data and are able to get to the root cause of a client’s issue quickly.”

Cello’s clients experience the time-saving benefits of LogicMonitor as well. Onboarding is now much more efficient with LogicMonitor due to sections of the process being automated. Onboarding previously took 2-3 hours, but now takes just 30 minutes. Another way Cello has built automation into its workflows is by using LogicMonitor’s integration with Autotask to create tickets, which saves the team about 30 additional minutes per day.

LogicMonitor’s dashboards and templates have also improved Cello’s customer experience. “Our clients value LogicMonitor’s ability to provide actionable data in real-time, as well as its customisable dashboards and reporting features,” said Jonathan Holt, Director of Product and Strategy at Cello. Cello has created dashboard templates for each product set it offers. The templates allow customers to create an easy and interactive dashboard in minutes. All queries previously had to be handled by an engineer, but with LogicMonitor, clients are more likely to check the dashboards in their portal themselves before raising a case.

Cello is planning to continue its growth in the future with LogicMonitor’s scalability. “We have used LogicMonitor for several years as our trusted monitoring system as part of our MSP business. It provides tremendous value as a comprehensive monitoring service presenting on-premises, cloud, and SaaS infrastructures within a single-pane-of-glass solution,” concluded Holt.

Our customers value LogicMonitor’s ability to provide actionable data in real-time, as well as its customisable dashboards and reporting features.

Jonathan Holt Director of Product and Strategy, Cello Communications