CMA reduces MTTR with root cause analysis

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Managed Service Provider

The Situation

CMA Technologies is an MSP headquartered in Louisiana that focuses on monitoring and end-to-end software and hardware work for their customers. Recently, they switched their antivirus software to SentinelOne, but suffered from overload issues on virtual machines which caused them to go offline without warning. When SentinelOne went offline due to overloaded VMs, it put CMA’s SLAs with their customers in jeopardy and increased the risk of potential security vulnerabilities. 

The Solution

The IT team was able to create custom modules to provide root cause analysis and provide alerts when and where a potential issue involving overloaded VMs could occur. They also created dashboards to improve visibility for this event for the entire organization. 

The Results

With LogicMonitor’s out-of-the-box functionality, CMA is now able to be alerted when a VM could go down. By leveraging LogicMonitor’s extensibility, the team can now proactively monitor when an issue is about to occur and take action accordingly. This outcome has helped to increase overall proactivity, reduce MTTR, and allowed the team more time to focus on research and development, rather than searching for the problem.