Analyst report

LogicMonitor adds AlOps capabilities to its hybrid observability platform

IT and CloudOps teams are currently overwhelmed by a veritable tidal wave of alert noise. As hybrid and multi-cloud environments become more complex, tool sprawl kicks in, and each disconnected tool generates its own alerts.

Many alerts are redundant, some are related, others are mundane, and a few warn of severe outages that can stop business operations in their tracks. Unfortunately, incident response departments are often missing critical context and operating in silos, hindering their ability to prioritize alerts effectively.

This excessive alert noise combined with a lack of unified visibility creates blind spots, prolongs troubleshooting and results in high Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), as teams struggle to determine the root cause of an incident by finding the needle in the haystack.

In this analyst report, Andy Thurai summarizes how LogicMonitor’s new AIOps solution, unites hybrid observability and out-of-the-box machine learning models to prevent outages, increase operational efficiency and accelerate MTTR.

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