Assessment of IT Readiness: The New Board Imperative

At LogicMonitor, we believe every member of the C-suite — and increasingly, the board — must understand their organization’s level of IT preparedness and the implications for their business. They need to answer the question: Are we ready? To evaluate this, executives and organizations need to be equipped with fundamental questions to ask themselves, and each other, to challenge assumptions, drive toward sustainable IT resiliency, and form a living picture of the company’s technology stack and IT organization from a holistic perspective. Use this assessment to evaluate your IT Readiness and build a plan for improvement and optimization.

IT Readiness assessment cover

This assessment includes

  • 40 KPIs that enable IT organizations to undertake self-examination of readiness against these seven criteria:
    • Visibility
    • Resiliency
    • Trust
    • Experience
    • Consistency
    • Innovation
    • Human Factors
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