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Want to learn how to gain full visibility for AI-driven operations and inventory management to enhance user experience? Join us for a platform demo, where we’ll walk through our agentless, SaaS-based solution.

Topics covered include:

  • View into flexible, platform architecture
  • Sample retail multi-cloud compute environment
  • Tying metrics, trace data, and log intelligence for full-fledged visibility
  • Minimizing supply chain complexity
  • Getting ahead of inventory management

A single pane of glass for IT and OT: from logistics to e-commerce

LogicMonitor marries visibility into traditional and cloud workloads with your IOT and production systems to allow you to troubleshoot and optimize your system as a whole.

Full visbility for a seamless customer experience in a mobile world

From stock control to revenue data, detail in one system allowing your business to be more agile and make informed, data-based decisions.

This dashboard provides an a listing of various metrics that are monitored for Azure Billing Service. The metrics displayed are total cost for previous month, cost per account, advisor recommendations, cost by operation, cost by region and cost by service

Minimize supply chain complexity

Optimize contact center staff efficiency for seasonal events and deliver increased team productivity and better customer care. LogicMonitor’s close integration with supply chain and ERP systems enables retail companies to confirm whether stores in different locations are hitting their revenue targets—and take action when they are not. Use LogicMonitor dashboards in your contact center to show call queues, including call country of origin and language, and the number of customer support tickets open.

Get ahead of inventory management

Analyze trends in demand to ensure you have the right stock in place to fulfil customer needs with LogicMonitor industry leading algorithms to analyze any metric ingested. Additionally, ingest revenue and stock data to identify patterns and anomalies with easy-to-use monitoring templates.