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Unified Observability Helps RaySearch Advance Pioneering Cancer Treatment Software

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RaySearch Americas is advancing cancer treatment through their pioneering software. The American subsidiary of the Stockholm, Sweden-based medical technology company works closely with leading cancer centers to bring scientific advancements to the clinical world faster, and today supports thousands of clinics worldwide.

“Software has unlimited potential,” said John Burriss, Senior IT Solutions Engineer for RaySearch. “We believe software is now the driving force for innovation in oncology.” 

As RaySearch grew, Burriss found their existing IT infrastructure was inefficient and time-consuming when it came to troubleshooting. “At least 50 to 60% of my time was spent looking through logs to find the issue,” said Burriss. “And I didn’t have time to work on system upgrades or make sure users were having a good experience.”

While RaySearch is a technology company, people are their greatest resource. With conquering cancer as their shared inspiration, RaySearch has expanded to over 400 professionals — and counting. It has become critically important to scale that growth and stay agile, while adding top talent. Burriss believed RaySearch’s IT strategy needed three things.

“We were looking to solve observability, find root cause analysis, and achieve faster time to resolution,” said Burriss. 

Medical science never slows down and neither does RaySearch. They needed a strategy and platform to support made of the same mettle.


Given the demands of their industry, RaySearch must constantly strengthen and enhance their core innovations, improve existing software, incorporate new products, and pursue clinical partnerships that inform the technology. Burriss knew what he needed to succeed: Unified observability.

“I needed to see my entire environment from a single pane of glass. To monitor everything on the network, whether it be a server to a workstation to a piece of networking equipment.”

Knowing where they were – and where they wanted to go – RaySearch turned to LogicMonitor.

“Our hosted environment was designed from the ground up to be monitored with LogicMonitor,” said Burriss. “This meant that all of the devices that got installed in the environment were added directly into LogicMonitor before it moved into production, so there were no gaps in monitoring.”

The sheer power of LogicMonitor’s monitoring capability is amazing. You’re able to monitor everything from a server to a workstation to a piece-networking equipment from a single dashboard.

John Burriss Senior IT Solutions Engineer


Burriss has been impressed with the extensive, out-of-box features and functionalities he gets with LogicMonitor. 

“I love that you don’t need to install an agent on all the monitored devices and the sheer amount of customization that the product supports, from reports, to dashboards, to custom data sources,” said Burriss. “If there’s something that needs to be monitored and isn’t built in, I’m sure it can be customized.”

He also appreciates the customer support he gets. 

“The engineering team will explain all of the monitoring challenges you may encounter, and can help you come up with solutions that you need.”

However, Burriss has been most amazed by the scope of LogicMonitor itself — and the opportunities it brings.

“The sheer power of Logic Monitor’s monitoring capability is amazing,” said Burriss. “You’re able to monitor everything from a server to a workstation to a piece-networking equipment all from a single dashboard.”

Burriss said he’s now able to track anomalies that would be invisible to standard monitoring solutions on the market. “Being able to find the root cause with monitoring has been super useful. We’ve definitely reduced the time to root cause and resolution.”

Given there is visibility across the entire network, Burriss is able to track issues to the source very quickly, a process that reduces daily monitoring time from hours to minutes. 

“We had users complaining that there was a licensing error,” said Burriss. “Using Logic Monitor’s platform, including LM Logs, we were able to trace the issue and do a stop service on a server way down the line. The process took about 10 minutes versus the two to three hours it would have taken without the visibility.”

Burriss is taking advantage of the time he’s saved by learning new skills and being proactive with maintenance. He also has been setting goals for the program moving forward.

“In the next year, I plan on trying to get some internal websites monitored with powerful website monitoring tools that Logic Monitor has built in.”

At LogicMonitor, we’re inspired by RaySearch’s mission to conquer cancer and are honored to play a part.

We were looking to solve observability, find root cause analysis, and achieve faster time to resolution. We got all of that with Logic Monitor and more.

John Burriss Senior IT Solutions Engineer