Unleash More Integrations with LM Exchange

Unleash More Integrations with LM Exchange

LogicMonitor offers an ever-expanding library of integrations to bring you out-of-the-box monitoring for the networking devices, applications, databases, services, and other systems and tools your enterprise relies on. LM Exchange provides a centralized view of integrations available in LogicMonitor’s global repository—whether developed by LogicMonitor or a member of LogicMonitor’s user community.

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Are you spending too much time searching for technology integrations in your monitoring solution?Streamline your workflow, with the new LM Exchange from LogicMonitor.

The LM Exchange is your one-stop shop for over 2000 pre-built integrations, covering AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, and more.

LM Exchange makes it easy to find, update, customize,and even submit your own shareable, out-of-the-box templates and instructions, to tell your system what data to collect, how to collect it, when to alert on it, and how to display it.

Start spinning up new, in-depth monitoring capabilities, fast, with LM Exchange packages: pre-grouped module combos that compliment the property source or data source that you’re working with, to provide the broadest possible monitoring coverage.

Looking to take things a step further? Customize any data sourc in just a few clicks, and keep these up to date with the Safe Logic Module Merge feature. Bye-bye, clone tracking. See you later, manual change copying. Select which custom changes you’d like to keep upon update, and you’re good to go.
Welcome to integration innovation. Check out https://www.logicmonitor.com/integrations for more details.