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aiops / 04.24.24

Hybrid Observability for health and life sciences: Top 6 challenges and how monitoring can help

Explore some of the challenges in the health and life sciences space and the monitoring and observability trends in IT which are helping to address them.

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Kubernetes graphic

aiops / 04.17.24

Kubernetes – From chaos to insights with AI-driven correlation of Logs and Metrics

Discover how LogicMonitor’s LM Envision platform leverages AI to correlate Kubernetes logs and metrics, transforming chaos into actionable insights. Learn how this unified approach streamlines troubleshooting, reduces Mean Time to Detect and Resolve (MTTD/MTTR), and empowers teams to move from reactive to proactive problem-solving.

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How IT administrators can streamline operations using the LogicMonitor API

How-to / 04.09.24

How IT administrators can streamline operations using the LogicMonitor API

Discover how LogicMonitor’s API & PowerShell module streamline ITOps. Learn to automate device management, user access & data retrieval.

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Observability benefits of Cisco Catalyst Center integration

cisco / 04.08.24

Observability benefits of Cisco Catalyst Center integration

LogicMonitor’s agentless collection has long provided customers with many benefits for collecting telemetry data directly from network devices. Recently, LogicMonitor added another feature, enabling the discovery of devices/sites and the collection of telemetry data from the Cisco Catalyst Center. Retaining options is essential due to the pros and cons associated with each approach.

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Anomaly detection graphic

anomalies / 03.21.24

How to enhance network monitoring: 3 anomaly detection use cases

Discover three use cases for anomaly detection in network monitoring, from identifying overheating to predicting degradation and abnormal CPU usage. Learn how it automates thresholds and boosts efficiency.

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aiops / 03.18.24

How LM Envision removes the logs blindfold

Discover how LM Envision’s log anomaly detection goes beyond traditional monitoring, uncovering hidden issues before they cause outages. Leverage machine learning for proactive troubleshooting and enhanced resilience.

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aiops / 03.06.24

AIOps strategy guide: How to achieve IT efficiency

Transform your IT operations with AIOps – our strategy guide unveils the keys to efficiency. Explore how AIOps tackles alert fatigue, streamlines tools, and aligns with business goals. Discover trends, practical solutions, and the synergy of AIOps with hybrid observability. Dive into LogicMonitor’s innovative approach for proactive IT management and unlock a more resilient, agile future.

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accelerate growth / 02.07.24

Why AI is crucial to your hybrid observability strategy: LogicMonitor’s latest innovations

Discover how LogicMonitor is transforming IT monitoring with AI-driven hybrid observability. From simplifying complex IT ecosystems to accelerating incident response, their latest innovations empower organizations to thrive in the digital landscape.

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desktop with LM UI

Cloud Monitoring / 12.20.23

Hybrid observability made easy: introducing LogicMonitor’s new UI

LogicMonitor introduces new UI to meet the demands of modern hybrid observability and cloud-centric operations.

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