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The time is now

LogicMonitor is growing–fast. In the last two years, LogicMonitor has doubled its employee headcount. But even with this rapid growth, we never forget the importance of inclusion and diversity. In fact, these important pillars are at the very forefront and the foundation of our growth. Myriad statistics indicate a correlation between organizational diversity and greater overall success. However, a diverse organization is not something that can be achieved overnight. It’s a constant work-in-progress that depends on the support of every employee.


LogicMonitor is not only committed to building a diverse workforce, but celebrating that diversity as well. Here are some ways that our commitment to diversity is woven into the fiber of our business (although we still have room to grow!):

  1. Inclusive job descriptions: All of our jobs are run through Taprecruit, a smart job editor that encourages inclusive language in all job postings.
  2. Diversity sourcing power hours: The PeopleOps recruiting team comes together on a weekly basis to dedicate time to sourcing candidates who come from unrepresented backgrounds. The point is to present a slate of candidates to our hiring managers that includes candidates with diverse backgrounds. Finding the best possible talent means making a thorough effort to cast a wide net.
  3. Consistent hiring process: Having a consistent process eliminates bias by ensuring that every single candidate is treated fairly and equally, from Interns to Executive Leadership candidates. Every candidate has the same resume review, is asked the same interview questions, and goes through the same steps.
  4. Employee referral platform: LogicMonitor pays at least 2x more for diverse employee referral hires to emphasize our commitment to diversity, and to keep candidate inclusion and diversity top of mind for all employees.

All that said, we know we have areas where improvement is still needed. LogicMonitor is building out relationships with diverse college groups and organizations. We’re also looking to incorporate Diversity Interview Panels, a step that companies like Cisco have incorporated with great success, to improve the candidate experience and further eliminate unconscious bias. 

LogicMonitor 2019 interna
A few of LogicMonitor’s 2019 summer interns


Quarterly women in STEM meetup
LogicMonitor hosting the quarterly meetup for SBWiSTEM (Santa Barbara Women in STEM)


As important as it to make sure we’re bringing in diverse talent, employee equity and inclusion is critical to LogicMonitor as well. We want to always create an environment where everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. Some examples in action of this include:

  1. Commitment from the top: Our Executive Leadership Team is personally and professionally committed to diversity. This summer, LogicMonitor hired 3 interns from InternX, a program that Vista Equity Partners started to provide career opportunities to underrepresented communities in tech. 
  2. Support for LBGTQI+ community: In August 2019, LogicMonitor sponsored the Pride Festivities in Austin, TX. We made pride-friendly LogicMonitor T-Shirts available for all LM Employees to wear during the weekend-long festival and parade. A few LogicMonitor employees also marched in the city-wide parade. During June, which is globally recognized as Pride Month, LogicMonitor Santa Barbara hosted the Pacific Pride Foundation, who provided LMers with resources and information about the LGBTQI+ community.
  3. Employee Resource Groups: In 2019, our company launched two employee-led resource groups focused on diversity and inclusion within LogicMonitor: [email protected] and LM Cares. The goal of [email protected] is to drive female inclusion and empowerment within LogicMonitor. LM Cares is a program that helps employees give back to the community on company time.
  4. Supporting minority-owned businesses: Lastly, in accordance with the Diversity Holiday calendar, our monthly company lunches are ordered from businesses associated with making positive steps to support diversity and inclusion. For example, in April, to recognize Autism Awareness Month, we ordered from Kyle’s Kitchen, a known supporter of the Autism Community in Santa Barbara. 

With the help of all of our team members, we continue to run a number of initiatives to make LogicMonitor a company where everyone feels not only included, but celebrated.  

Team members from our Austin, TX office celebrating at the pride parade.

What’s next?

In the future, LogicMonitor will continue to explore ways to successfully build and celebrate team members. We hope to see our employee resource groups expand and blossom, and will extend existing partnerships with organizations committed to empowering underrepresented talent in the workforce. LogicMonitor is committed to being better every day (one of our three core company values!) I’m proud to w
ork for a company who values a diverse set of perspectives to solve issues, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

Briana Friden

Briana is loving life as a recruiter at LogicMonitor. Before starting her career in the world of talent acquisition, Briana graduated from the University of Oregon where she was involved in activities including UO’s news broadcast to the Spanish heritage club. A career in the technology industry was inevitably the next challenge, and what better place to be than at LogicMontior in her hometown of Santa Barbara. In her free time, Briana loves to talk careers, speak Spanish (any fellow Spanish speakers?) and adventure (hikes, weekend trips, concerts- you name it.) She is fascinated by the unique human experience, and has thoroughly enjoyed helping people find their perfect job!

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